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A Different Side to Copenhagen

With Anna Lia Bright of

Anna urges you to visit Copenhagen but, more specifically, two areas: Norrebro and Vesterbro.

"These days, if a group of 20-30ish year olds are planning a night out, their destination is more likely to be the hip, stylish cafes, clubs, restaurants and bars in Norrebro, than the centre of town. If they fancy a spot of shopping - for clothes, exotic food, bric-a-brac or antiques - Norrebro has that too.

"Over the last couple of years, Norrebro has evolved into the city's hottest quarter. With an interesting ethnic mix and an influx of young, hip inhabitants (lured by cheaper apartments), as well as the added attractions of the nearby man-made lakes that circle the north of the city centre, and Assistens Kirkegard (an historic cemetery, and resting place of the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen and the philosopher Soren Kirkegaard, among other famous Danes), Norrebro is really blossoming."

So, if you're in a Copenhagen kind of mood, then let that mood take you and head to Norrebro for a fantastic time. Or, if your tastes are a little more inclined towards an experience that is deep-rooted in culture, then perhaps Vesterbro is more in line with what you're after. Anna explains:

"Vesterbro used to be known as Copenhagen's worker's quarter and red light district. For many years the talk was of regeneration but little was achieved. But in the last few years a genuine transformation has occurred in the area to the west of the Central Station: this old, run down patch of dark tenements and cheap worker's accommodation which, since the 1960s, was famous around the world for its sex industry and having more butchers per square kilometre than anywhere else in Europe, is now one of the hippest places in the city - not just to live, but to shop, eat, drink and have a great night out.

If you want to spot the latest trends in Copenhagen and, indeed, Scandinavia, this is not a bad place to start. As with Norrebro to the northwest of the city centre, an influx of immigrants, students, creative media-types and bohemians has turned a neglected quarter into a trendy part of the town."