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Caribbean cultural diversity

With David Wickers of 101 holidays

“Beyond the beaches in the Caribbean: When Columbus arrived in the Caribbean in 1492 he recorded “there are so many islands that I hardly knew where I should go first.”

“Apart from sharing the same sun, sea and sand format, each Caribbean island has a unique cultural heritage, thanks largely to the years of colonialisation at some stage in its history - whether it was the British, Irish, Spanish, French, Dutch or Danish.

“My favourite Caribbean cultural treasures are nothing if not diverse.

“Anyone with an interest in military history should head for St Kitts, authentic Caribbean at its un-manicured best. Brimstone Hill National Fortress - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - offers a fascinating insight into the lives of the British soldiers and the African slaves who built these jaw-dropping fortifications in the 17th and 18th century. It’s been sensitively restored and is undoubtedly the best of its kind in the Americas.

Grenada’s daily spice market in St George’s, which peaks into a frenzy each Saturday as Grenadians descend into town to catch up with gossip, friends and provisions, is intoxicating. Stock up on spices, chat to the spice-sellers about how they use them for medicinal and culinary purposes and breathe in the spice-laden air.”

Some lesser-known treasures which are in need of being known! The Caribbean itself has been – and still is – a popular destination for those seeking something tropical, so bearing that in mind, David’s tips will hopefully supply those that have been with renewed vigour for returning. If you’ve yet to experience the Caribbean, then maybe you’ll just be filled with plain old vigour to go out and see what it’s all about.