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Regent Alaska Cruise Holiday add-on tour packages

Alaska Your Way by Private Plane

2 Night program, offered in conjunction with disembarkation.

Private Sky-trekking is the ultimate wildlife experience in the "great land". With your private pilot-guide, you'll fly over glaciers to areas few will have ever visited and experience prize-winning photographic sites. You’ll be soaring over the glacial peaks, looking down on the wildlife below. You’ll see waterfalls cascading down five hundred feet to the verdant foothills below and opaque rivers snaking down from the glacial remnants, clinging to a cleft in the mountain range. Touch down on the shores rich with wildlife, where walrus sunbathe in their masses.

Denali Backcountry

5 Night program, offered in conjunction with disembarkation.

On this excursion you’ll explore the 600 million acre Denali National Park, en route to a remote lodge at Kantishna, located at the end of the 95-mile Park Road. Here, under the shadow of the imposing Mt McKinley you can see the real Denali national park. A lot of visitors miss the true glory of the sights on offer when they visit and stay near the developed and crowded park entrance. Here you’ll take one of the grandest drives on earth and stay right inside the park. You’ll see Denali's famed wildlife: Grizzlies, Caribou, Moose, Dall Sheep, Wolves, and Eagles.

Winterlake Lodge - Within The Wild

3 Night program, offered in conjunction with disembarkation.

Experience four days of good old fashioned adventuring - both in the wild and in the kitchen! - Winterlake lodge sits on 15 acres overlooking Winter Lake and is renowned for its unbelievable scenery, award-winning culinary delights, gourmet classes and outdoor exploration. The lodge is reached by float-plane, un unforgettable journey in itself. Behind the lodge, Wolverine Mountain offers hiking and rich viewing of wildlife.

Rocky Mountaineer Experience

5 Night program, offered in conjunction with disembarkation.

Enjoy the ultimate in train rides - a two-day, all-daylight tour of the Canadian Rockies aboard the world famous Rocky Mountaineer. Relax in a clear roofed panoramic domed car (with Gold Leaf service) and watch one of the world most stunning landscapes passes by. Combined with the exemplary service and interpretative commentary, you experience one of the world's most desirable rail adventures.

New Alaska Fishing

3 Night program, offered in conjunction with disembarkation.

Alaska Fishing is every fisherman's dream come true with some of the most legendary fishing in all the world. Hundreds of square miles of unrivalled beauty and bounty offering an endless expanse of lush forests, mountain plateaus, hidden lakes and magnificent glaciers. And all of it teems with rare species of Alaskan wildlife, including some of the largest game fish on earth. Opportunity to view bears, hike in Alaska's wilderness, and visit with locals who will explain to you why they would not live anywhere else.

The Napa Valley Wine Experience

3 Night program, offered in conjunction with embarkation.

Vine-covered hills interrupted only by charming towns that are unparalleled in the quality of restaurants, lodgings, and hospitality, mean the Napa Valley is ideal for a taste of wine country. For the Wappo Indians, who first lived here, "Napa" meant ‘plentiful lands’ which is still very much in evidence today. Waterways full of fish and valleys home to elk, black bear and grizzlies will e the back-drop to this amazing region.

Alaska Northern Frontier

4 Night program, offered in conjunction with disembarkation.

By bus, boat and train, explore this northerly frontier from the cities of Anchorage and Fairbanks, to the inner depths of the great Denali National Park. This is an epic tour for guests to see many natural highlights:- the land, the wildlife, and the people, of this unforgettable state.

Note: These are potential hotel and land programs that might be available for this Alaska cruise holiday. Check with your travel professional or Regent Seven Seas Cruises reservations for availability and details. Some optional land programs are subject to cancellation if a minimum number of participants is not achieved. Cancellation penalties apply on land/hotel programs cancelled within 60 days of departure.