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However, according to the company, many holidaymakers put themselves at risk by grossly underestimating the cost of booking and organising such breaks.

The poll by the company revealed that 35 per cent of respondents believed between £1,001 and £2,500 would be a reasonable amount to pay for such a trip.

While this was the most accurate estimation, PJ Hayman said that consumers need to be aware that the cost of a cruise varies significantly and could cost as little as "a few hundred pounds to many thousand per person".

"Regardless of the type of trip, travellers should always ensure they take out adequate travel insurance in the unlikely event that anything should go wrong," recommended the firm's director Peter Hayman.

"Having peace of mind on large and significant trips abroad can enable a more enjoyable experience for all concerned."

Cruise operators have a variety of cruises ranging from those for children and families to couples and pensioners.

Written by Chris Smith.

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Travel report predicts rise in naked cruising
The cruise industry has been rapidly expanding over the last few months as more people warm up to the notion of a holiday at sea and operators launch vessels to accommodate the growing interest.

According to the report, cruise operators will be seeking out new markets in the future and one of the niche segments they will go for is the naturist community, leading to a rise in naked cruising.

The organisation explained: "Naked cruising has been tipped to sweep the sector, as cruise companies continue in their efforts to attract new cruisers.

"Naked cruising currently exists in the US with Texas-based Bare Necessities first chartering a Costa Cruises vessel to take 2,200 naked passengers around the States in 1991."

According to the Passenger Shipping Association, 16 new ships of all sizes are expected to be launched within the next year.

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 ]]> 2009-12-22
Princess Cruises launches new Alaska cruise package
The company's Alaska Cruisetour gives passengers the opportunity to enjoy a seven-night trip from Vancouver to the town of Whittier in the 49th state of the USA.

From here, Princess customers will then be able to take a train inland to the base of Mount McKinley in the company of local park rangers who will bring them up-to-speed on Alaska's history and nature.

Announcing the launch of the new package, Pieter van der Schee, head of brand marketing at Princess cruises, told Travel Weekly: "Princess' expertise in cruise holidays and land tours in the region has enabled us to put together a fascinating itinerary that will appeal to families of all ages at better value than ever before."

Princess Cruises was established back in the 1960s when the company's founder Stanley McDonald reached a deal to use Alaskan cruise liners for summer tours of Mexico during months when they would normally have lain dormant.

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Cairns to benefit from new cruise terminal family cruise in Australasia may be interested to learn that construction work is due to get underway on a new cruise ship terminal in Cairns.

An artist's impression of the terminal has been released ahead of building work beginning in the new year, reports.

As well as making the north-east Australian city more accessible to cruise enthusiasts, the terminal is expected to generate $30 million (£16.5 million) for the local economy each year.

"When the new terminal facilities are complete we will be welcoming visitors in style and encouraging them to spend a little more time and money onshore," premier of Queensland Anna Bligh told the website.

Developers have promised that the terminal will remain in keeping with Cairns' historical character, with Wharf Street's original tracks set to be retained.

The wharf building's mass timber frame will be conserved and made a feature.

Cairns Seaport is currently Australia's busiest seaport, accommodating more than 200 visits from domestic and international vessels each year.

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 ]]> 2009-11-30
More people booking cruises, All Leisure says
This is according to Roger Allard, chief executive of All Leisure, who told the Daily Telegraph that people aged 50 and over are the most likely to take a cruise holiday.

"The cruise market is growing, it has gone up eight per cent in the last year," he explained to the newspaper.

"People are starting to think they can afford to go on holiday again, but they want better value for money."

Mr Allard went on to say that cruise operators are becoming more competitive, meaning that passengers can easily find good value.

While this winter is expected to be "difficult for everybody", Mr Allard explained, he expects to see an improvement by next summer.

All Leisure acquired the ship Discovery in 2005, offering passengers the opportunity to go on Mediterranean cruises.

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 ]]> 2009-11-24
Cruises offer itineraries for all budgets
According to the Sunday Times, cruising is enjoying a boom as an increasing number of people warm to the on-sea holidays, which offer "the perfect break for hard times".

The newspaper revealed that despite some of the headline prices appearing "eye-watering", there are some advantages such as the inclusion of meals, transport, entertainment and increasingly, drinks in the cover rate.

Holidaymakers can also avoid having to fly altogether thanks to a growing number of cruises leaving from UK ports and a wide range of itineraries to choose from.

Those wishing to cruise on a budget may want to try out taster cruises being offered by the likes of P&O Cruises, which has a two-night voyage for £260 or Celebrity Eclipse's three-nighter from £409.

Both voyages depart from Southampton in April 2010, reported the newspaper, whose list included cruises costing more than £3,000.

P&O Cruises recently revealed that it is expanding in Australasia as passenger numbers grow.

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 ]]> 2009-10-26
Cruise industry predicted to grow in UAE
Predictions by the authority, which manages the emirate's tourism industry and promotes the destination, state that a 59 per cent growth in cruise passenger arrivals is expected in the 2009/10 season.

Some 200,000 arrivals are expected into the region between this November and May 2010, which is a significant increase on the 125,200 last season.

According to Ahmed Hussein, deputy director general of the ADTA, "the forecast is based on the 100 per cent occupancy level achieved by the cruise ships using Abu Dhabi as a port of call last season".

He added that the growth of the industry is to be aided by Royal Caribbean Cruises expanding its itinerary to the region, while Costa Cruises is also to expand upon its services.

Meanwhile, Costa Cruises also provides holidaymakers with the opportunity to visit destinations including Bahrain, Egypt and Oman in the Middle East.

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]]> 2009-07-10
Cruise industry set to help Welsh economy in future
The North Wales Daily Post has indicated that by 2013 it is hoped that Holyhead port will attract an extra 30 vessels every year.

Plans have already been made that ten ships will head to Anglesey next year, with passengers and staff helping to add an extra £800,000 to the local economy.

According to the publication, Cruise Wales director Margaret Llewellyn said: "By 2013 we would like to see 30 ships. We don't think that is too aspirational. Dublin does over 70.

"We want to be the next Baltic. That's our ambition."

She added that Wales had been left behind in recent years compared with the likes of Scotland and Ireland in terms of keeping up with increasing demand for cruise holidays.

Among the destinations that holidaymakers can expect to visit while enjoying family cruises around the Baltic are Copenhagen in Denmark, Tallinn in Estonia and Gdansk in Poland.

Written by Chris Smith

]]> 2009-07-01
Round the world cruises remaining popular through the recession
The Daily Mail has reported that more cruise liners are currently taking passengers on the trips which cost thousands of pounds and could last for three to four months.

It is argued that many individuals are seeing these trips as a way of enjoying a period of unbroken luxury and a break from the comings and goings of the real world.

Pieter Van Der Schee of Princess Cruises has advised that opting for a smaller vessel with fewer facilities may offer passengers the greatest break as they provide better socialising opportunities.

According to the publication, he said: "On a bigger ship you tend to get more passengers doing segments. It disrupts the social aspect of a world cruise.

"For many people the more gentle, slow-moving ambience of a world cruise is very important. You can really get to know other people well. The people become more important than the facilities."

Princess Cruises also offer Alaskan cruises and trips to locations including Australia, Canada and the Mexican Riviera.

]]> 2009-06-24
Luxury cruise industry 'is becoming more innovative' luxury cruise holiday constantly change, the industry as a whole is striving to move with the times.

According to the Luxury Institute, innovation and reinvention is integral to the service provided on every high-end cruise liner.

Chief executive officer at the organization Milton Pedraza explained to eTravel Blackboard that due to its competitive nature, the luxury cruise line industry is having to embrace economic change and move with the 21st century in order to meet consumers' needs.

"We expect the best luxury cruise lines … to address the new needs, attitudes and desires of luxury consumers in a way that delivers pleasurable, engaging and meaningful luxury cruise experiences," he commented.

Meanwhile, the European Cruise Council recently claimed that the number of people opting to take cruises from the UK will keep growing this year despite the downturn, adding that destinations in Europe are likely to be particularly popular.

Written by Lyndsey Telford

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