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Cruises from Hong Kong

Often described as the city where 'East meets West', Hong Kong's culture is filled with both British and Asian influence. Hong Kong is fast becoming Asia's main cruise hub, acting as a gateway to other cruise destinations in China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. A variety of cruise lines offering cruises from Hong Kong either as a departure point or as a point of interest.

Top Hong Kong Deals

Hong Kong is a former British Crown Colony and the city state, though back under China's umbrella, remains independent from mainland China in many ways. The region is made up 236 islands, though the vast majority of Hong Kong's inhabitants live on just one, Hong Kong Island. Hong Kong cruises take you to one of the most crowded, vibrant and diverse places in the world, a true must see destination.

Hong Kong is steeped in history and culture unique to the region due to its complex history of British and Chinese rule. The bust streets are teeming with atmosphere and the iconic Star Ferry taking you form Hong Kong to Kowloon is one of the world's busiest ferry crossings. To view the city from above take the incredibly steep tram journey up to the top of Victoria Peak, some 1,300ft above the harbour.

From the infamous open air Stanley Market to Aberdeen's floating restaurants, there is some much to take in while visiting this incredible city. Enjoy a vast array of wonderful cuisine, take in the superb, diverse choices of shopping, or head to Kowloon and the New Territories, for some light activities— such as horse riding, hiking or sailing.

Cruises from Hong Kong are the ideal way to visit this incredible destination, whether as part of a cruise or for a few days before you embark. A wonderful, unique and incredible place to go, and a destination you'll never forget!

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