Updated September 2017

Best known for its spectacular skyline, Hong Kong has many other surprises up its sleeve. With Chinese traditions, colonial roots, and stylish modern culture all entwined in this sparkling island metropolis, there really is so much to see and do - it’s no wonder we include Hong Kong at the beginning and end of many of our asia cruises.

Lantau Island

Home to the Big Buddha and the beautiful Po Lin Monastery, Lantau Island is a haven of attractions; catch the Ngong Ping 360 Cables Car for a birds-eye view of the island, hike the trails that lead up to the scenic Sunset Peak, and walk along the golden sands of Cheung Sha Beach; Hong Kong’s longest beach. In the centre of the island find the Tian Tan Buddha - or Big Buddha as it's more typically known. The magnificent bronze spectacle stands a whopping 34 metres high, and faces north to watch over the People's Republic of China.


Star Ferry

If there is one thing you should do in Hong Kong, it’s taking the Star Ferry between the Kowloon Peninsula and Hong Kong Island. The route provides a great viewpoint of the city’s famous skyline and Victoria Harbour. At night, catch the ferry around 8pm for a great view of Tsim Sha Tsui's daily Symphony of Lights spectacle.

Old Town Central 

Immerse yourself in authentic Hong Kong culture in Old Town Central, where old traditions and evidence of British colonialism meet exciting modern innovations and attitudes. Residents and visitors to this vibrant area will attest to its infectious, energetic atmosphere, which is no doubt the reason behind its popularity. Spend at least an afternoon exploring the boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and galleries, and discover all sorts of surprises.

Victoria Peak

From the top of Victoria Peak you can see Hong Hong’s striking skyscrapers, Victoria Harbour, and all the way across to the green hills of the New Territories. Ride the Peak Tram, a unique experience in itself, up to The Peak, and if you're feeling energetic you can walk a scenic route up to a higher point, for the optimum view of the city.


Temple Street Night Market

Once the sun sets in Hong Kong, the traders are out in full force with their spectacular array of handmade goods, antiques, and delicious street food, with opera singers and fortune tellers keeping the crowds entertained. The market is one of Hong Kong’s most popular street bazaars, located in the heart of Kowloon rather than Hong Kong Island itself.

Man Mo Temple

Close to Victoria Harbour on Hong Kong Island is Man Mo Temple. Built in 1847 this Taoist temple was designed to pay homage to the Gods of Literature (Man) and War (Mo), and sits in a larger complex which houses other Buddhist and Taoist places of worship. The temple is known for incense coils which hang off the walls and ceilings, and its stunning decoration.

Junk Cruise

The Junk boats of Hong Kong have become a representation of the old traditional values that is still evident today in this now cosmopolitan metropolis. Originally used by fishermen, the striking red sails stand out from the backdrops of the modern city skyline. Make sure to take a Junk cruise to properly admire the spectacular setting of Victoria Harbour.


Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is an iconic structure in Hong Kong, originally erected as part of the Kowloon to Canton Railway. The beautiful red brick and granite tower is now preserved as a Declared Monument, and serves as a poignant landmark for the millions of Chinese immigrants who passed through to begin their new lives in Hong Kong.

Lamma Island

Called home by a wealth of multinational expats, Lamma Island has a unique atmosphere different to any other in Hong Kong. It is calm, friendly, easy to explore, and because of its small size and helpful community you can feel confident that taking a wrong turn here will only enhance your experience of the island. Chill out in one of the book cafes or pretty seafood restaurants, or walk one of the trails for some beautiful views of beaches, forestry, and pretty hillside homes. Simply hop on a ferry from Hong Kong's Central Pier to get here.

Tai O Fishing Village

This small and unique area is maybe quite unexpected after seeing the rest of Hong Kong. Situated in the Northwest corner of Lantau Island, Tai O is full of pretty homes which are held up above the water on stilts, in which the Tanka community have lived for generations. Explore the winding streets and fishing markets, where you can pick up a range of treats such as the popular shrimp paste - a potent sauce used to flavour all sorts of dishes.

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