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Top 5 Cruise TV Ads

30th October 2014

With so much competition in the cruise industry, it appears cruise lines are pulling out all the stops to advertise their brand. From magazine spreads to city billboards, it is hard to escape the rapidly increasing industry that has become the number one holiday choice.

The latest trend in the travel industry seems to be television advertisments. Proving to be extremely successful these adverts have the power to convert dreaming minds in front of a TV to the picking up of a phone to book a cruise.

Here are my Top 5…

1. Royal Caribbean – The Sea Is Calling

The 'slightly chessy but works' ad

I love this advert! I think it’s because I know so many people can relate to the stress of everyday life, working hard and dreaming of holidays and how if we close our eyes we can transform into a different world. It is also great for showing the range of activities onboard and how there is something for all ages.

2. Princess Cruises – Memories

The 'emotional' ad

This advert was extremely well planned and really tags at the emotion strings. Although very short, it gets a strong message across of how important memories are to children. Family time is something none of us seem to have enough time for in everyday life, and this advertisement portrays the unforgettable bond you can form with your family on a cruise.

3. P&O Cruises – Time For You

The 'I can relate to this' ad

I do not believe anyone that says this advert does not put a smile on their face – even if it just the tapping of feet to the song! The message here is that everyone needs time to switch off and have fun at some point. Setting the scene of a typical mother and father realising it’s time for them to enjoy themselves again, it makes us all wonder when is it our time?

4. Disney Cruise Line – Captain’s Log Day

The 'I didn't realise that' add

In just 30 seconds this advert tells the story of a Disney cruise. Showing how all ages enjoy a day onboard, it sets the scene for the ultimate family cruise. This advertisement is great for changing the perception that a Disney cruise is just for children and certainly gives a different angle to cruising.

5. Carnival Cruises – Switch On Fun

The 'I wish' ad

Within the first six seconds this advertisement steels your attention as we can all relate to being stuck in traffic in depressing English weather, so we want to see what it is going to be about. At the switch of a button (but in reality, a phone call) you can be swept away to an exotic cruise. Carnival Cruise Lines are all about fun and this TV advert illistrates just that.

By Sally Grimes

7 Reasons To Be Excited About Quantum Of The Seas

23rd October 2014

Named as the first 'Smart Ship', she is the most technologically advanced ship in the world. With amenities never seen before at sea including bumper cars, an indoor skydive and an elevating pod, along with futuristic entertainment, extensive dining options and innovative staterooms, she is set to be a game changer in the cruise industry.

1. You can skydive in the middle of the ocean

In true Royal Caribbean style, they had to push boundaries with the onboard activities and Ripcord by iFly is about as exhilarating as it can get. This 30-foot tall glass flight chamber will give the feeling of a real life skydive as 30mph fans are projected upwards. This thrilling experience is like no other and can be found on the sports deck towards the aft of the ship.

2. You can dine in 18 restaurants

Introducing Royal Caribbean’s new Dynamic Dining concept, Quantum of the Seas presents 18 unique restaurants to take you on a culinary journey like never before.

With no traditional dining room, set dining times or formal nights, you can choose to dine in an array of exquisite restaurants. From Mexican, oriental and steak houses to Italian, buffets and American grills – there is something to tantalise every taste bud.

Popular Chef Jamie Oliver makes his debut at sea with speciality restaurant Jamie’s Italian, serving his finest Italian flavours and popular dishes.

3. You can ride 200 feet above sea level

I do not want to have a favourite part already, but I have a feeling this may be it! As a huge fan of the London Eye, when I saw there was going to be an elevating pod on top of the ship I couldn't quite believe it.

The North Star is a jewel-shaped capsule that will take you 200 feet above the ocean’s surface while taking in 360° views of the surrounding ocean or awe-inspiring destinations.

North Star will be complimentary to ride and no reservations will be needed.

4. You can download personalised apps

Many of us practically control our life from our phone and now you will be able to plan every part of your cruise from your finger tips with the exclusive Quantum Apps.

The cruise planner allows you to make reservations before you get onboard as well as during your cruise, including spa treatments, excursions and restaurant reservations. This app will also allow you to message friends and family on the ship and track exactly where they are.

Order a drink from your phone? Why not says Royal Caribbean. There is an app that will allow you to order drinks from your phone and then have them served by a robotic bar tender in the Bionic Bar – Incredible.

The introduction of the WOWband wristband will help you navigate your way around the ship as well as track friends and act as your room key and charge card.

5. You can watch futuristic entertainment

Royal Caribbean have won many awards for their onboard entertainment, so it made sense to pull out every stop for the entertainment programme onboard Quantum of the Seas.

World class singers, actors and dancers have been selected to appear in Broadway hit musical Mama Mia which will showcase in the main theatre during numerous evenings of the cruise.

Two70 is where entertainment and technology come face to face in a revolutionary new venue. In the day a modern open aired space to enjoy panoramic views of the outside, however when the sun goes down it completely transforms. Turning into an enchanted wonderland of rotating digital scenery, you will be able to experience aerialists, moving scenery and mind-blowing light shows as you sip on your favourite cocktail.

6. You can still enjoy your old favourites

As well as these new innovations, Royal Caribbean know what people have grown to love about their brand and do not want to take this away from their loyal guests. Quantum of the Seas boasts a number of original Royal Caribbean favourites such as the Flowrider surf simulator, the DreamWorks experience, Vitality Spa, and popular dining areas such as Windjammer Marketplace, Sorrento’s and Johnny Rockets.

The much-loved Royal Promenade will be the Royal Esplanade, however you will still get to feature an interior style promenade lined with shops, bars and other venues.

7. You can share all of this with your friends and family back at home

What is the point of making memories, if you can’t share them? This has proven to be hard on a cruise due to the slow and expensive WiFi at sea. However, Quantum of the Seas changes everything.

Quantum’s WiFi will be the fastest at sea and allow you to stream video, make Skype calls and post on social media to your hearts content. No buffering and expensive WiFi bills puts this ship way ahead of any others in the technology field.

Kids and teens (and adults if you wish) will also be able to link their Xbox live account to people all over the world in the Seaplex pod.

With innovation, technology and style set to dominate the oceans, Quantum of the Seas and her sister ships Ovation of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas are a class you won't want to miss.

By Sally Grimes

Iglu Team Meets Oasis Of The Seas

17th October 2014

Updated March 2019

Oasis of the Seas visited Southampton for the first time back in September 2014. This highly-anticipated day meant that we, of course, had to send a few members of staff along to see the ship and learn first-hand just what Royal Caribbean offer onboard.



Since launching in 2009, people from all over the world have travelled to her home port of Fort Lauderdale to see her. It was never speculated she would come to the UK, so after it was announced that she would complete a two-week dry dock in Rotterdam, and then stop in Southampton before her transatlantic back to America, those of us in the UK cruise world were very excited.

Invitation only...

The day arrived and we (literally) jumped onto the train bound for Southampton. We'd already heard the news that her anticipated arrival into Southampton didn't disappoint, and thousands of speculators had gathered around the port to see her - with the bonus of free bacon butties on offer! Before the train had even stopped at Southampton, we spotted the iconic Crown and Anchor symbol peering over the top of buildings – giving only an inclination of her size.

The biggest WOW... 

Docked in Southampton she looked even larger than we imagined she'd be. As soon as we stepped onboard - feeling more than ready for the day ahead - everyone was in complete awe. There are not enough words to explain how fantastic our day was, from the fun tasks to the exquisite cuisine, everything was absolutely wonderful. We experienced each one of the seven neighbourhoods, indulged in a total of ten different meal courses, and well and truly experienced what it would be like to holiday on this floating masterpiece.




Find out what the team thought about Oasis of the Seas ...

Hayley Henderson, Marketing Executive

My favourite thing about Oasis of the Seas was…

The carousel on the Boardwalk

I think guests would love a cruise on Oasis of the Seas because…

The variety of things for every cruiser, there are many areas to simply relax or a wide range of activities for the more adventurous traveller.

Describe Oasis of the Seas in one word…


Elaine Ross, Head of Cruise Trading

My favourite thing about Oasis of the Seas was…

The Boardwalk. With the ice cream parlour, open-air restaurants, and the candy shop, I felt like I was walking along a real seaside Boardwalk. The Aqua Theatre at the end was a total surprise, I can only imagine how spectacular it would be to watch a show here.

I think guests would love a cruise on Oasis of the Seas because…

There is so much to see and do, I could not imagine anyone one being bored onboard.

Describe Oasis of the Seas in one word…




James Turner, Sales Executive

My favourite thing about Oasis of the Seas was…

The steak I ate in the American idol Grill. Infact all of the cuisine was first class!

I think guests would love a cruise on Oasis of the Seas because…

It genuinely has something for everyone. It takes the concept of cruising to another level – whatever the weather… whatever your age…. whatever your interests, she delivers.

Describe Oasis of the Seas in one word…


Patrick Hill, Sales Executive

My favourite thing about Oasis of the Seas was…

The variety of activities that appeared to be going on around the ship. Everywhere I looked there was something going on, from karaoke and dance lessons to an organised get-together.

I think guests would love a cruise on Oasis of the Seas because…

She is packed full of great entertainment, fantastic dining options and activities the whole family can enjoy.

Describe Oasis of the Seas in one word…




Walter Ferrari, Commercial Executive

My favourite thing about Oasis of the Seas was…

As a plant enthusiast, Central Park was my favourite. The array of Blue Rain bromeliads, trees and sounds of birds singing was the last thing I would expect on a cruise ship.

I think guests would love a cruise on Oasis of the Seas because…

Of the enticing variety of restaurants, fun and adventurous activities, spectacular shows and sensational spa treatments.

Describe Oasis of the Seas in one word…


Curious to see the ship for yourself? Take a look at our: Oasis of the Seas Deals



Quantum of the Seas - First Impressions

28th August 2014

Robot Bartenders, WOWbands and 40,000 Tablets...

With three weeks left until the 'big completion day' our Commercial Manager, Dave was lucky enough to be whisked off to the Meyer Werft Shipyard in Germany to get a first glimpse of new ship, Quantum of the Seas.

Set to be a complete game changer, it has been revealed she will be the world’s first SMARTship with innovations never before seen on land, let alone at sea. The most tech-savvy ship ever designed, prepare for something new.

Goodbye Seapass cards…Hello WOWband

One of the new technologies causing a controversial stir is the introduction of the RFID WOWband. These bands will act as a key to enter staterooms, payment for onboard purchases and access to the Royal iQ app. Unlike a Seapass card, it is waterproof and will not demagnetise, as well as being convenient to wear with no worry of it getting lost.

After a discussion on Facebook, it appears many are not so keen on the WOWband idea and fear it will not match formal outfits and look more like a branded all-inclusive resort band. The good news for these people is that the bands are optional and you will be able to keep your Seapass card instead.

WOWbands will cost $2 and can be purchased at any Royal iQ station.

Exclusive Cruise Apps

Two revolutionary new apps completely raise every bar in cruise ship technology. These apps allow every guest profile to be tracked, from stateroom number, dining preference and show times.

In connection with the WOWband, at the tap of a finger guests can interact with Royal iQ with hand signals at screen stations throughout the ship.

The app will also allow guests to track their luggage. Each bag will be tagged with an ID number on arrival and then you can track exactly where your luggage is and its expected time of arrival to stateroom.

Ensuring a hassle-free travel experience guests will be able to create boarding documents, upload ID photograph and receive digital boarding passes through the Cruise Planner app. Making it easy on the first day of a cruise, there will be no lines, check-in or waiting around and Royal Caribbean guarantee a 10 minute sidewalk to ship time.

High five to land-based internet speed

With so much technology onboard, my first thought was that there would have to be an extremely fast and reliable internet connection for this to work properly.

However, rest assure the internet speed onboard will match those on land. With a network of low-orbit communications satellites, they are a closer distance to earth than satellites used by other cruise ships, allowing a constant efficient connection.

This connection will also allow guests to use Skype and Facetime, features that are not yet available at sea.

Great news for teens – this new technology will allow them to play interactive games with friends the other side of the world.

Getting to know you

With every phenomenal ship, there is a phenomenal crew and Quantum of the Seas has made a revolutionary introduction to allow a closer connection between crew and guest. Every single crew member will be given a tablet with custom apps to keep a track of guest preferences including food allergies, show times and special requests.

Robot Bartenders

Yes, just when you think you have heard it all! A robotic arm will now be crafting your perfect cocktails. Is this the future of bar staff? Who knows, but for now this is one thing I cannot wait to see!

A single robotic arm can get ice, mix drink and shake them into the ultimate liquid treat. Located inside The Bionic Bar, guests will order their cocktail on a tablet and then sit back and watch in awe as these human-like machines make their cocktails of choice.

And that’s not all

As well as all of these new technologies, Quantum of the Seas and sister ship Anthem of the Seas will boast an array of industry first activities including bumper cars, an indoor skydive and an elevating pod that will rise guests 300 feet above sea level.

A new dynamic dining concept will take away the traditional dining room and allow guests to alternative between three different dining venues. A range of specialty restaurants will also be available including Jamie’s Italian featuring a menu created my renowned chef Jamie Oliver.

See our Facebook photo album for exclusive first images of Quantum of the Seas.

By Sally Grimes

Explorer Versus Anthem - Southampton 2015

13th August 2014

Since Royal Caribbean announced Explorer of the Seas will be calling Southampton her home in summer 2015, sales and interest for this ship have rocketed. However, with new ship Anthem of the Seas also sailing from Southampton during this time, which Royal Caribbean ship will you choose?

Ships Stats

Explorer of the Seas

Gross tonnage: 137,308 GRT

Length: 1,020 feet

Width: 158 feet

Passenger Decks: 14

Guest Capacity: 3,835

Anthem of the Seas

Gross tonnage: 167,800 GRT

Length: 1,141 feet

Width: 136 feet

Passenger Decks: 16

Guest Capacity: 4,905



Anthem of the Seas – Anthem of the Seas is set to sail a range of exciting European itineraries from Southampton during the summer before heading back to America for the winter. She will set sail for a number of two and three night cruises to Paris and Bruges, making it perfect for those who cannot get time off work or just want to try a taster cruise on the new ship. Her longer sailings include a 13 night Spain and Canary Islands voyage, 7 night France and Spain cruise and a 10 night Canaries cruise. Some of her ports include Lanzarote, Vigo, Lisbon, Barcelona and Cadiz.

Explorer of the Seas – Explorer of the Seas will sail slightly different areas than Anthem of the Seas, she is set to explore more Northern Europe. Delving through the Norwegian Fjords and areas such as Oslo and Rotterdam, guests will have the chance to sail through breath-taking areas on a larger ship. When not taking in the sights of Northern Europe, she will be sailing to the Canary Islands, Spain and other sun-drenched parts of the Mediterranean. Included in her summer schedule are 10 night Canary Island cruises, 12 night Canaries and Morocco, 8 night Cultural Northern Europe and 8 night Norwegian Fjords.


Anthem of the Seas – Set to completely change the dynamic of cruise ship entertainment, she will showcase game-changing features to rival any land based entertainment. New multilevel venue two70 will showcase an experience like never before, in the daytime a venue to drink, dine and watch the sea and by evening transforms into an cutting-edge, digital entertainment venue. 'Vistarama' will offer an innovation engineered especially for these ships, that has not been seen anywhere else in the world. It will see the venue’s floor to ceiling windows transform into large screens and project real and imagined scenes to set the mood of various themes. 18 projectors that are 100ft wide and more than 20ft high plus six Roboscreens are set to showcase never seen before scenic technology.

A rock and roll inspired venue called Music Hall will feature some of the best live music acts at sea along with a sleek and distinctive decorated space.

The only cruise line to perform Broadway musicals, the main theatre will showcase a 90 minute version of hit musical We Will Rock You.

Explorer of the Seas – The Voyager class ships were the first ships in the fleet to really change the entertainment programmes on Royal Caribbean. With multiple entertainment venues, a huge theatre and an ice-rink, the entertainment venues are endless.

The main theatre is home to musicals, comedians and various guest entertainers. Royal Caribbean are known for having some of the best entertainment at sea, and Explorer of the Seas is no exception. Guest entertainers will be brought onboard and feature tribute acts, comedians and lecturers.

Studio B, the onboard ice-rink is a place where you will find people speechless. Featuring a cast of international, championship ice-skaters in a phenomenal show, you will not believe your eyes as you see them perform tricks and dances like nothing you have ever seen before.

Other entertainment venues around the ship include live music in the English pub, piano entertainment in the Schooner bar and movies in the screening room.


Anthem of the Seas – The two Quantum class ships will change everything we are used to with Royal Caribbean dining. The new dynamic dining programme gives guests more flexibility and choice by eliminating the main dining room. There will be a choice of 18 restaurants to choose from, including three main complimentary restaurants; Chic, Silk and America Idol Grill. Other complimentary dining venues include The Grande, Coastal Kitchen, Sorrento’s, Windjammer Buffet and The Café @ 270.

Dining with a cover charge will include Jamie’s Italian featuring a menu created by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, Devinly Decadence, designed by the chef of television show The Biggest Loose’ where all dishes will be 500 calories or less and Wonderland, taking guests through a journey of unique dishes.

Explorer of the Seas – Showcasing traditional dining we have all grown to love, Explorer of Seas presents a multi-tiered luxurious dining room that is home to award-winning menus and immaculate service. Aside from the main dining room other complimentary options include the Windjammer Buffet, Sorrento’s and Promenade Café.

Speciality restaurant Portofino will take you to a real-life Italian terrace eatery with its intimate atmosphere and exquisite flavoured dishes.


Anthem of the Seas – Staterooms on Anthem of the Seas will be 9% larger than those on the Oasis-class ships. Featuring the modern décor that Royal Caribbean express in their staterooms, they will include all amenities including a safe, mini bar and hairdryer.

Great news for solo travellers, she will feature 28 studio staterooms including 12 solo balcony rooms.

Due to the success of the loft suites on Oasis and Allure of the Seas, these popular rooms will be brought to Anthem and allow guests to stay in these two-story penthouse apartment style rooms that offer incredible views of outside with floor to ceiling windows.

Explorer of the Seas – Featuring a range of stateroom types, there is sure to be a room to suit every budget and desire. From inside, out and balcony to interior windows and suites, you can choose a room that suits you.

All staterooms feature the latest amenities including flat screen televisions, a safe, mini bar and hairdryer.

The voyager class ships were the first ships to boast inside windows with a view of the Royal Promenade. With great views of the parades, entertainment and other Promenade entertainment, they are unique rooms that no other cruise line can offer.


Anthem of the Seas – The range of activities onboard Anthem of the Seas will raise every bar in the cruise industry. Perfect for those thirsty for adventure, every inch presents a new wow. Making the impossible, possible you will not believe the things you can do onboard. An indoor skydive simulator, Flowrider surf machine and bumper cars are among the adrenalin-pumping activities you can participate in, - and all complimentary.

SeaPlex will be the largest indoor activity space at sea. This innovative venue will host a full sized basketball court, flying trapeze school, bumper cars and roller skating, all with a floating DJ. There will even be a food truck to serve snacks while you play.

Explorer of the Seas – Explorer of the Seas really does has something for everyone, whether you want to be adventurous or simply relax.

Test your adrenalin on the rock climbing wall, practise your putting at mini golf or even enter a ping pong challenge. With activities for the whole family, even the sea days will not present enough time to try everything.

For the not so adventurous, there is the solarium pool, trivias, the library and internet cafe.

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