Updated July 2019


It’s no wonder Cunard’s Queen Mary is known for being one of the most haunted places in North America with her rocky history of love, war, and tragedy.

The RMS Queen Mary set sail on 27 May 1936 for her maiden voyage. She was originally built as a luxury liner for the upper-classes until entering a world of chaos when World War II struck. Changing her course forevermore.

This flagship beauty, also known as ‘The Grey Ghost’, was converted into a troopship, ferrying Allied soldiers throughout the war. She was then refitted for passengers in the mid-1940s.

The Queen Mary is now a hotel, permanently docked in California, with some saying that the spirits of the dead still haunt the ship today.



Why do people say the Queen Mary is haunted?

Staff and past guests have claimed all kinds of different eerie happenings onboard, which can be attributed to different ghost stories . . .

Top 5 Ghost Stories of Queen Mary

Winston Churchill’s Stateroom
Some have reported a strong smell of cigar smoke in this room. This is also apparently where he planned the D-Day invasion.

Swimming Pool Ghouls
There have been many reports of female apparitions looming in the 1st class pool area. The main ghoul though is a little girl, known as Jackie, who apparently drowned during an army crossing. Giggling and splashing is often heard, while a trail of small wet footprints are sometimes witnessed.

The Forbidden Cabin
For a long time cabin B340 was unavailable for booking, because guests have reported their bed sheets flying across the room, taps turning on for no reason, and doors flinging open. Due to the increasing curiosity around the cabin however, it can now be booked - one only for the brave!

HMS Curacao Crew Members
On 2nd October 1942 the Queen Mary famously collided with the Curacao ship, killing 200 people. Some visitors have reported hearing eerie noises coming from the ship’s bow.

A Ghostly Love Affair
Leslie Schirmacher is a barwoman who has long worked on the ship. A clairvoyant insisted there was a male ghost stood next to her, so she jokingly gave him a peck on the cheek. The ghost has been smitten ever since, and shows his affection by nudging a wine glass towards her from time to time.

The ship is situated in Los Angeles, just half an hour away from the LA International Airport.

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