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Ten facts you didn't know about Mickey Mouse

20th April 2017

Updated: 30th March 2021

Here in the UK - only this summer! Introducing Disney Magic at Sea, new 2-, 3- and limited 4-night staycation sailings into pure Disney storytelling. Booking begins in April for sailings in summer 2021, so pre-register your interest now!

Disney Magic At Sea

Whether you have little ones who love the latest Disney big screen hits, or an adult who still enjoys one of their classics from time to time, The Walt Disney Company has a special place in hearts all over the world. And it all started back in the 1920s, really taking off with the creation of Mickey Mouse in 1928. Possibly the most famous mouse in the world, find out more about Mickey with our ten facts you didn't know.

1. Mickey Mouse's Voice

Walt Disney, from 1929 to 1946, provided the original voices for both Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Since then, only two others have had the honour; Jim MacDonald (1946 to 1983) and Wayne Allwine (1983 -).



2. Oscars

The only Mickey Mouse short to receive an Academy Award was Lend a Paw, in 1941. The irony being that Mickey Mouse wasn't even really the lead role, since the main star was Pluto. Despite that, Walt Disney had already picked up an Oscar in 1932 for the creation of Mickey Mouse. Throughout his career he managed to amass a total 22 of these prestigious trophies - more than anybody else ever has.

3. What's the Password?

During World War II, when the Allied forces invaded Normandy on D-Day in 1944, "Mickey Mouse" was used as a secret password between intelligence officers.

4. The Naming

Walt Disney originally called his creation Mortimer. It was his wife, Lillian, who persuaded him to change it to Mickey Mouse. American actor, Mickey Rooney, has claimed that Mickey Mouse was in fact named after himself, following meeting Walt Disney in the 1920s as a child.



5. Hot Dogs!

Mickey Mouse was the first ever cartoon character to talk. In the 1929 episode, Disney's The Karnival Kid, Mickey Mouse's first words were "Hot dogs!"

6. Easter Eggs

To mark Disneyland's(California) 50th anniversary, 50 versions of Mickey Mouse's ears were hidden throughout the park. Hidden Mickeys are elsewhere too, such as within feature films like Disney's Dumbo and within the other Disney Parks.

7. Thirty Year Wait

Due to commitments with other Disney projects, Walt Disney stopped making Mickey Mouse shorts following Disney's The Simple Things in 1953. This would prove to be his last ever Mickey Mouse short, following his death to cancer in 1966. Mickey Mouse wouldn't be in a cartoon feature next until 1983 with Mickey's Christmas Carol, some 30 years after his last. Yet, his next proper short wouldn't come until 1995 with Runaway Brain, after an incredible 42 years of waiting.



8. Attire

Mickey Mouse has a huge wardrobe, packed with no less than 175 different costumes. Minnie Mouse goes one better, having been dressed in over 200 outfits throughout her career.

9. Yoo Hoo!

The first song to feature in any Disney film was "Minnie's Yoo Hoo" in the short, Mickey’s Follies.

10. Fear

The irony of Mickey Mouse's creation is that Walt Disney was in fact scared of mice. However, he pictured mice as sympathetic creatures, despite people being scared of them.

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More Family Magic with Disney Wonder

8th September 2016


Disney Cruise Line provides the perfect family holiday, full of magic, wonder and fun. Your time onboard a Disney cruise will leave you bursting with excitement whether a child or adult, because of the daily fun-packed schudules for children and luxurious relaxation for adults.

Disney Wonder was made more magical for all of the family, as she underwent dry dock enhancements in Autumn 2016 in Cadiz, Spain. With promises of an exclusive restaurant, a stage adaption of everyone's favourite musical Frozen and the excitement of the Marvel Super Hero Academy, Disney Cruise Line have not held back when it comes to enhancing their already fabulous cruising experience.


disney cruise line©Disney. Ships’ Registry: The Bahamas


Tiana's Place Restaurant

Tiana's Place is a brand new restaurant exclusive to Disney Wonder. The reason this is the best place to eat for all the family is the vibrant atmosphere, live entertainment and delicious New Orleans inspired dining. Inspired by "The Princess and the Frog", Tiana's Place is inspired by the southern charms of America, serving up tasty gumbo and jazz music. Watching the live bands in the restaurant, means that the little ones won't get bored over dinner time, making it a much more pleasant dining experience for all the family.


Marvel Super Hero Academy

One of the most exciting updates is the introduction of the Marvel Super Hero Acamady to Disney's Oceaneer Club giving the children the chance to be part of a big adventure with Marvel's greatest Super Heroes. This isn't only fun for the children but also teaches them the value of teamwork, bravery and problem solving with the help of their favourite Super Heroes, as Spider-Man and Captain America make appearances and many more on a large digital display.


disney cruise line©Disney. Ships’ Registry: The Bahamas


After Hours Nighttime District

The enhancements on Disney Wonder don't just take into account what the children want onboard, but also are making the cruising experience much more enjoyable for adults. The adult district is getting a new English tavern-style pub. With dark woods, leather furniture and brass accents, complimented by a selection of cocktails, British and speciality beers and brews, this will be the perfect venue for adults to unwind and have some fun in the evening.

However the adult enhancements don't end here, you can also expect an all-new night club and a reimagined model of the popular Cadillac Lounge.

Frozen, A Musical Spectacular

If you haven't seen Frozen, then there is a high chance that you have been living under a rock. The story of the royal sisters Anna and Elsa will be brought to life onboard Disney Wonder in November. The beloved animated hit will be an exclusive stage show for Disney Wonder and will combine traditional theatre techniques, modern technologies and the classic Disney style. Be awe-struck as you watch the beautiful production, and revel in the fact that your children are having the time of their life, singing along to some of their favourite hits with their favourite characters.

disney cruise line©Disney. Ships’ Registry: The Bahamas


Senses Spa & Salon

Spas and salons provide the perfect relaxation for anyone onboard a cruise ship. Disney Wonder will be enhancing their spa by expanding and modernizing it. And to make this perfect for all of the family, there will also be the introduction of the Chill Teen Spa, perfect for helping the teens onboard to feel just as relaxed with treatments designed specifically for them.


disney cruise line©Disney. Ships’ Registry: The Bahamas


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What is the Boardwalk on Oasis Class ships?

13th May 2016

Unlike the other class of ships, Royal Caribbean's Oasis Class ships have seven different neighbourhoods. Let's take a look at the entertainment, restaurants an fun you can have on the Boardwalk. [More]

Life onboard as a teenager

2nd July 2015

Updated December 2017



There is no better account of cruising than from a first person perspective, and we are always interested to hear about your experiences.

To gain a new point of view, we had guest blogger Henry Dalton offer us the teenage angle on cruising with the family...


As a fifteen year old boy, I’m lucky to say I’ve already been on four cruises. If you’re a teenager who instantly says no to cruising, think again.

Are there many other teenagers?

You might think that cruising is a dull holiday, full of old people strolling around, but that’s not necessarily true. Onboard alone, there’s a wide range of activities for us teens. For a start, almost every cruise line will have a teen club where you can meet people your age and do different types of activities. You can meet people, play snooker, Xbox or whatever it has to offer. Usually these clubs have a detailed schedule of more planned activities throughout the week, that are not confined to one room.

Royal Caribbean's FlowRider


What is the food like?

If you’re a food lover, a lot of ships have free pizza services running throughout most of the day, as well as the breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets that go on for a long time. The food tastes brilliant and you’ll probably miss it when you go home.

What active things are there to do?

If you think being on a ship is limiting in terms of doing sports, you’re wrong. Most ships have fully equipped, air conditioned gyms, which will help you keep fit. Usually positioned at the front of the ship, the treadmills, striders, and more, tend to have TV screens with Sky Sports, BBC News, and other main British channels. As well as gyms, sports courts are frequent on big ships. There are sometimes free to use 5-a-side football pitches, basketball courts, mini-golf (if that counts as a sport!), rock climbing, ice skating, and even surfing!



Are there places to chill out?

You can book to go to the spa for a relaxing massage or treatment, although prices tend to be quite steep from a teenager's perspective. If you want entertainment, a lot of ships have theatres with free shows every night - including magicians, comedians, musicians, and more.

On the outdoor deck, there are swimming pools surrounded by loads of deck chairs, perfect if you’re a lazy sunbather. On a Princess cruise that I went on, I watched Divergent on a big screen, lying on a deck chair under the stars.



What about the destinations?

As well as activities on the ship, many underestimate the magnificence of arriving in a port with beautiful views. One of my personal favourites was waking up and having breakfast whilst looking at the city of Monte Carlo, Monaco. Lots of teens would find the idea of walking around cities very boring, and admittedly, I thought that at first. But you start to appreciate the iconic features that every place has to offer, and very soon you start looking forward to the next place. If you absolutely can’t walk around, I suggest going on a summer cruise to a place with lots of beaches.



Overall, cruising is a very fun experience. You get to visit lots of world-famous places without spending too long there, whilst living on a ship that has loads of brilliant activities. So before you associate cruising with veterans listening to classical music, do your research!

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Cruises for Young Adults

There are also more and more options for slightly older guests who don't necessarily want a traditional cruise experience. Uniworld River Cruises have introduced their incredible and innovative U by Uniworld brand; a brand which is designed with the needs and wants of 21 to 45 year olds in mind. Think stunning and vivacious European cities, a range of excursions from wine tasting to kayaking, and top international DJs onboard. See what U by Uniword itineraries you could enjoy.

Cruise Ship Crew...A Family Away From Home

15th May 2014

You can choose your friends, but not your family…a saying most of us can relate to. Unfortunately for me, after spending almost six years of my life at sea it appears most of my closest friends are either still in the middle of the ocean or retired on the other side of the world. However, luckily a long distance friendship can now survive solely on modern day technology. 

I love reading the customer reviews we receive here at Iglu and one thing that comes up in almost every one of them is how great the crew were on their recent cruise and how they have made lasting friendships. 

It is not easy working on a cruise ship, although all of the positives make it the experience of a lifetime. Making friends with guests and ensuring they have the holiday of a lifetime is one of the most rewarding feelings and a way of establishing repeat custom. Of all the thousands of crew working around the clock to ensure everything is as you expected, I wanted to highlight those likely to become a member of your cruise family:

The Captain

The one in charge, everyone wants to meet the Captain. The most powerful person onboard, the ship is his pride, life and soul.

With insane amounts of responsibility on his shoulders, and I don’t just mean the gold stripes, he has spent his whole life training to be placed in the Captain’s seat. From the safety, security, quality and maintenance of the ship, he is the ultimate decision maker.

When not on the bridge, you may be lucky enough to catch him strolling passenger areas socialising with guests, particularly on formal night.

Aka: The man with the stripes, Commodore, Ship’s Manager, One in charge

Where you will find him: On the bridge

Uniform: White jacket and lots of stripes on his shoulder

Guest Services Officer

The guys with the strongest back bone, they keep a smile on their face through anything. Spending each day making sure every guest is having the time of their life, they are the ones to go to if something is not of satisfaction.

Immaculately dressed and carrying an infectious smile they have an amazing talent to be able to turn any issue into a positive situation. They are also the ones with all the knowledge, like a human ship guide they can answer any question.

Upon having any encounter with a Guest Services Officer they will instantly become a friendly face you will want to connect with again.

Aka: Front Desk Staff, Reception, Customer Service Staff

Where you will find them: At the front desk

Uniform: Formal uniform, normally a shirt and blazer.

Cabin Attendant

Oh this guy! The invisible one that makes your cabin look immaculate every single time you enter your room.

Often one of the most complimented crew members of a cruise they can truly make a remarkable impact on your cruise experience. This is the one person that will become your best friend for the week and the one you are likely to always remember.

Appearing to have little rest they are there around the clock, fresh and friendly faced. Asking about your day, telling you about their life, leaving small treats in your room and ensuring you have all the correct things sent to your room makes them more than 'just the guy that cleans your room'.

Aka: Room Attendant, Housekeeper, Steward

Where you will find them: In the hallway around your cabin

Uniform: Differs with cruise line but typically a casual-style shirt during the day and a more formal uniform in the evenings.

Your Waiter

From the very first meal you have in the dining room, your incredible wait staff will miraculously remember your every requirement and request. Even after all the cruises I have been on, this still amazes me.

Having to take care of multiple tables at one time would make you think there would a loss in a personalised service, but this could not be further from the truth, they make every meal time a memorable one.

If you are unsure of an option on the menu, they will thoroughly explain it as well as give you tips on what condiments to accompany certain dishes. It also doesn’t take much for them to bring out a second serving of your favourite food!

Aka: Wait Staff, Waitress, Dining Staff, Food Crew

Where you will find them: In the dining room

Uniform: Waistcoats with notepad and pencil constantly in hand

The Cruise Director

The one who loves to be centre of attention, although that is part of his job! The Cruise Director is the rock behind the ship’s entertainment.

With a wit quicker than a F1 car, he is a perfect combination of joker and professional showman. He is in this position due to their passion for entertaining and understanding the audience. Often working in show business for years, a cruise ship is where he truly finds himself.

In charge of all onboard entertainment and activities, when they are not hosting on stage they are designing schedules and preparing new activities. They also love to meet guests and are often found wandering the ship interacting with holiday-makers.

Aka: Showman, Entertainment Manager, Presenter

Where you will find him: On stage

Uniform: Casual in the day and suit at night

Bar Staff

Another crew member with an unbelievable memory, from one encounter your name and favourite drink will be remembered…amazing.

Whether you like a certain spirit, a favourite cocktail or want to try something new the bar staff on a cruise know everything there is to know about drink. With an extensive range of juices, spirits, wines and mixers onboard it is the perfect time to try something new.

The bar staff in a certain venue can enhance the experience and you will often find yourself going back to the same bar every night of the cruise to be served by your favourite barman.

Aka: Barman, Cocktail Maker

Where you will find them: Behind the bar

Uniform: Typically a Caribbean shirt in the day and smart uniform in the evening

Activity Staff and Sports Staff

Whether you want to join in all activities, attempt just one or simply watch people make a fool of themselves, the activity staff ensure you have fun no matter what.

The guys you always see running around, making jokes with guests and dressed in casual uniform are the ones who will keep you entertained throughout your cruise. They have the power to make absolutely anyone smile.

From trivia, game shows, crafts and sports, they are in charge of making sure there is always something for you to do. Making friends with a member of the activity staff is sure to happen as you will find yourself bumping into them time and time again.

Aka: Cruise staff, Entertainment Crew, Blue Shirts

Where you will find them: All around the ship

Uniform: Casual dress during the day, normally a t-shirt and shorts. Formal attire in the evening.

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