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What is the Boardwalk on Oasis Class ships?

13th May 2016

Unlike the other class of ships, Royal Caribbean's Oasis Class ships have seven different neighbourhoods. Let's take a look at the entertainment, restaurants an fun you can have on the Boardwalk. [More]

8 Incredible Technologies Onboard Cruise Ships

15th January 2015

Whether you are a tech lover or not, there is a part of everyone that gets excited when a new gadget takes the world by storm. Whether it’s a new app on your phone, a robotic hoover that claims to clean your house without you moving or an exciting new wireless device that you all of a sudden 'need' in your life, we can’t help but evolve into the ever changing technical world.

Technology is everywhere and plays a major part in all of lives, and this doesn’t stop when we go on holiday. The cruise industry has taken a lead on the technology front and these floating hotels are now home to some of the most exciting technologies in the world.

Here are eight incredible cruise ship technologies:

Movies Under the Stars

It is possible to catch the latest flick almost anywhere now, whether on an aeroplane, train, or pretty much anywhere with your smartphone or tablet.

Although all cruise lines have televisions in staterooms and throughout the ship, it was Princess Cruises that took this one step higher with the 'Movies Under the Stars' concept. A gigantic 300 square foot, 69000 watt movie screen was added to the top deck of select ships. Offering guests the unique opportunity to enjoy blockbuster movies with a real backdrop of sea and sky, this concept has been a huge hit.

Available on: Royal Princess, Regal Princess

Robotic Bartenders

The leaders in cruise ship technology, Royal Caribbean did not disappoint with their latest creation on new ships Quantum and Anthem of the Seas. The Bionic Bar consists of two robotic bartenders that serve up a host of exotic cocktails.

Guests order their cocktail of choice via tablet and then watch in amazement as the robotic bartender mixes their desired drink. Each robot can produce one drink per minute and up to 1000 drinks a day.

Available on: Quantum of the Seas, Anthem of the Seas

Interactive Restaurant

A dining experience like no other, Disney wanted to create an experience for guests to bring their imagination to life and successfully accomplished this with 'Animators Palate'.

As guests sit down at their dining table, they will find a black sheet and markers where they can draw characters of their choice within the lines given.

During dinner the restaurant changes colour and design through a shift of lighting and digital walls. As dessert time approaches, the entire restaurant comes alive. The interactive screens throughout will display movie clips featuring your very own drawn character.

Available on: Disney Magic, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy

Digital Wayfinders

With cruise ships increasing in size, it made sense to cater for those with a fear of getting lost or missing a show due to not finding their way.

When the world’s largest ship, Oasis of Seas launched in 2009 she came equipped with a new LCD wayfinder system. Located throughout the ship these screens offer a way for guests to find their way around using a touch screen display. These screens also show whats on, the way to your stateroom and a map of how to get to the location of your choice.

These Wayfinders won three awards for technological excellence from the Digital Screenmedia Association and Hospitality Technology Magazine.

Available on: Anthem of the Seas, Quantum of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas, Liberty of the Seas, Freedom of the Seas, Radiance of the Seas, Splendour of the Seas, Enchantment of the Seas, Brilliance of the Seas, Vision of the Seas, Rhapsody of the Seas, Mariner of the Seas, Independence of the Seas, Legend of the seas

Cruise Apps

There is an app for almost everything nowadays. From fitness, cooking, and checking your finance to making your shopping list, booking a taxi and even planning your next holiday. With the significant increase of smartphone users, apps are vital.

Many cruise lines now have their own apps to enable guests to pre-book entertainment, view their itinerary and find out what’s happening onboard.

Some cruise lines raised the bar even higher, among our favourites are Norwegian Cruise Lines who realised an app where guests can keep all their holiday pictures in one place, navigate around the ship and get up-to-date event information.

Available on: Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean International, Princess Cruises 

Virtual Balconies

Everyone likes to see the outside view when cruising so Royal Caribbean wanted to ensure even those staying in an inside stateroom could experience the incredible views the ship is passing. Early in 2014 it was announced virtual balconies would be added to select ships, starting with Navigator of the Seas.

These 80 inch LED screens are attached to the inside wall and project a real-time view of the outside. They work both in port and at sea so guests can experience exactly what it is like to have an outside stateroom.

Available on: Quantum of the Seas, Anthem of the Seas, Navigator of the Seas 

Salt Room at Sea

Norwegian Cruise Line made a breakthrough in the spa category with the first ever Salt Room at sea onboard Norwegian Breakaway.

This special treatment room releases dry aerosol micro particles of salt into the room in a session with is proven to improve the immune and respiratory systems, leaving guests feeling healthier and refreshed.

Available on: Norwegian Breakaway

Sky Diving Simulator

Known for pushing all industry boundaries, Royal Caribbean wowed once again with their latest innovation on Quantum of the Seas. iFly is an indoor sky diving simulator that stands at the back of the ship to offer flying views like no other.

This 23-foot tall glass cylinder blows wind up to a speed of 160 mph for guests to feel like they are taking part in a real life sky dive.

Available on: Quantum of the Seas, Anthem of the Seas

By Sally Grimes

Iglu Team Meets Oasis Of The Seas

17th October 2014

Updated March 2019

Oasis of the Seas visited Southampton for the first time back in September 2014. This highly-anticipated day meant that we, of course, had to send a few members of staff along to see the ship and learn first-hand just what Royal Caribbean offer onboard.



Since launching in 2009, people from all over the world have travelled to her home port of Fort Lauderdale to see her. It was never speculated she would come to the UK, so after it was announced that she would complete a two-week dry dock in Rotterdam, and then stop in Southampton before her transatlantic back to America, those of us in the UK cruise world were very excited.

Invitation only...

The day arrived and we (literally) jumped onto the train bound for Southampton. We'd already heard the news that her anticipated arrival into Southampton didn't disappoint, and thousands of speculators had gathered around the port to see her - with the bonus of free bacon butties on offer! Before the train had even stopped at Southampton, we spotted the iconic Crown and Anchor symbol peering over the top of buildings – giving only an inclination of her size.

The biggest WOW... 

Docked in Southampton she looked even larger than we imagined she'd be. As soon as we stepped onboard - feeling more than ready for the day ahead - everyone was in complete awe. There are not enough words to explain how fantastic our day was, from the fun tasks to the exquisite cuisine, everything was absolutely wonderful. We experienced each one of the seven neighbourhoods, indulged in a total of ten different meal courses, and well and truly experienced what it would be like to holiday on this floating masterpiece.




Find out what the team thought about Oasis of the Seas ...

Hayley Henderson, Marketing Executive

My favourite thing about Oasis of the Seas was…

The carousel on the Boardwalk

I think guests would love a cruise on Oasis of the Seas because…

The variety of things for every cruiser, there are many areas to simply relax or a wide range of activities for the more adventurous traveller.

Describe Oasis of the Seas in one word…


Elaine Ross, Head of Cruise Trading

My favourite thing about Oasis of the Seas was…

The Boardwalk. With the ice cream parlour, open-air restaurants, and the candy shop, I felt like I was walking along a real seaside Boardwalk. The Aqua Theatre at the end was a total surprise, I can only imagine how spectacular it would be to watch a show here.

I think guests would love a cruise on Oasis of the Seas because…

There is so much to see and do, I could not imagine anyone one being bored onboard.

Describe Oasis of the Seas in one word…




James Turner, Sales Executive

My favourite thing about Oasis of the Seas was…

The steak I ate in the American idol Grill. Infact all of the cuisine was first class!

I think guests would love a cruise on Oasis of the Seas because…

It genuinely has something for everyone. It takes the concept of cruising to another level – whatever the weather… whatever your age…. whatever your interests, she delivers.

Describe Oasis of the Seas in one word…


Patrick Hill, Sales Executive

My favourite thing about Oasis of the Seas was…

The variety of activities that appeared to be going on around the ship. Everywhere I looked there was something going on, from karaoke and dance lessons to an organised get-together.

I think guests would love a cruise on Oasis of the Seas because…

She is packed full of great entertainment, fantastic dining options and activities the whole family can enjoy.

Describe Oasis of the Seas in one word…




Walter Ferrari, Commercial Executive

My favourite thing about Oasis of the Seas was…

As a plant enthusiast, Central Park was my favourite. The array of Blue Rain bromeliads, trees and sounds of birds singing was the last thing I would expect on a cruise ship.

I think guests would love a cruise on Oasis of the Seas because…

Of the enticing variety of restaurants, fun and adventurous activities, spectacular shows and sensational spa treatments.

Describe Oasis of the Seas in one word…


Curious to see the ship for yourself? Take a look at our: Oasis of the Seas Deals



What's In Store For 2014?

6th January 2014

Happy New Year to you all. I hope your festive period was full of happiness, love and lots of calorific food!

As we scrape the last of the cold turkey sandwiches, take the Christmas tree down and make our New Year’s resolutions (that we probably will not keep!) I am back in cruise mode and ready for the exciting year ahead.

My last blog proved that 2013 was an incredible year for cruise, but can 2014 top it?

More people trying out their sea legs…

Already predicted to be another booming year for cruise, it is expected that an increasing number of people are set to take their first cruise this year.

It's estimated that almost 65,000 people in Europe will take their first cruise in 2014 and 21,622,600 people worldwide will take a cruise this year.

Experienced cruisers are estimated to take at least four different cruises this year.

Where will people want to go…

The Caribbean and Med will remain the dominant cruise destinations this year. The Caribbean is always a strong favourite due to the year round warm climate and ability to visit multiple islands on one sailing.

With more ships departing from the UK during the summer months UK residents can enjoy a wider array of destinations without having to fly.

Cruise lines are constantly ensuring they have new destinations to offer so 2014 will see people cruising all over the world to even more exotic and unique locations, especially the experienced cruisers that thrive on experiencing new places. Ports that will gain more visitors this year include Durban in South Africa and Fremantle in Australia.

Asia and Australia have become increasing popular within the cruise industry and 2014 will see more cruise lines venturing here.

This year is the 100 year anniversary of the Panama Canal so it is a great time to take a cruise here.  With less than 200 days left until the opening of a bigger and better canal, Panama are going to celebrate this milestone by hosting exciting events throughout this period.  Almost all cruise lines visit this iconic part of the world but 2014 will see cruise lines taking special Panama Canal Cruises to join in the celebrations.

I predict South America will be a favourite this year as they host the 2014 Football World Cup. The anticipation for this event is building up and globe-trotters are already visiting Brazil, Peru and Chile for a taste of things to come.

MSC Cruises are sending MSC Divina on two Grand Voyage cruises to and from the World Cup. I have a feeling other cruise lines will see the potential in offering this too.

Cruise news set to boom…

More industry announcements, upgrades and news will keep us on our toes this year.

Oceania Cruises will complete their $50 million fleet upgrade and Regatta, Insignia and Nautica will showcase their upgrades during May and June.

The largest ship in the world, Oasis of the Seas will come to the UK for the first time and embark on a one-off transatlantic cruise from Southampton in November.  Selling out in record time it is set to be a once in a lifetime cruise. 

Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas will debut the first virtual balconies in November. Select rooms will have a virtual 80 inch floor-to-ceiling HD screen and project real time exterior views .

Regent Seven Seas will upgrade Seven Seas Mariner as part of their extensive revitalisation programme to ensure their fleet boasts the highest modern standards.

Along with other cruise fanatics, I am most excited about the new ships arriving this year.

To kick start the year, the first to arrive will be Norwegian Getaway. The new 4,028 passenger ship from Norwegian Cruise Line is set to arrive into Southampton in January before heading to her home port of Miami.

Princess Cruises will showcase their latest master piece, Regal Princess. Set to arrive in Spring she will be the sister of Royal Princess, I wonder if she will have such an iconic Godmother as her sister though?

Costa Cruises will launch their new 3,700 passenger Mediterranean inspired ship. Named Costa Diadema she will be the fleet’s new flagship and feature exclusive innovations new to the brand.

Saving the best to last (in some eyes anyway!) Royal Caribbean will launch their new mega ship. Scheduled to debut in November, Quantum of the Seas has stirred up a storm already. The build-up for this ship has been intense and according to industry experts it is the most highly anticipated ship of 2014.

Will this be the most exciting year?

Every year is exciting for cruise in my eyes and I love to see how each month cruise lines exclusively reveal unpredictable news that gets everyone buzzing.

Will 2014 top 2013? I can’t tell at this point but I am sure the cruise lines have plenty up their sleeves to make 2014 just as gripping as last year.

By Sally Grimes

Can you do 100 activities onboard Allure of the Seas in one day?

21st November 2013

Updated July 2019


When it was announced that there was going to be a cruise ship built that is longer than four full sized football pitches, five times the size of Titantic, and worth more than $1.5 billion, nobody quite believed it. Royal Caribbean are known for pushing boundaries, but how far could they go?

We thought we'd put the ship to the test, and see if we could find 100 activities onboard Allure of the Seas to do in one day. If you are one who likes keeping busy during your cruise holiday, read on to find out how we got on!


After a wake-up call, a hot shower and a quick glance at the daily activity schedule, this is how the day began…

1. Watch the sunrise 6.30am

2. Breakfast on the balcony 6.37am

3. Watch the morning show on TV 7.00am (Tip: Presented by the Cruise Director, this is a great way to get an overview of the day's activities)

4. Go for a jog - the jogging track is located on Deck 5 and is 0.43 miles long. 7.16am

5. Sweat it out in the gym 8.00am

6. Speak to the Future Cruise desk about what onboard benefits can be received if you book your next cruise onboard. 8.30am

7. Stroll through Central Park 8.45am

8. Read about the variety of live plant onboard 8.47am

9. Take a look in the Coach store 8.52am

10. Morning tea and cake 9.00am

11. Join in a trivia 9.20am

12. Walk the length of the ship down the Royal Promenade 9.45am

13. High-five a crew member 9.46am

14. Take a ride in a glass elevator for sweeping views of the ship 9.48am

15. Have a picture with Shrek 9.50am

16. Catch some rays on a sun lounger 9.52am (Tip: If you do like the sun, you can relax on an in-door lounger in the Solarium)

17. Take a dip in the pool 10.20am

18. Watch a pool tournament, such as water polo and volleyball 10.30am

19. Listen to the steel drum band at the pool deck 10.40am

20. Ride the Flowrider surf simulator 10.45am



21. Watch at least one person get wiped out by the flow rider 11.05am

22. Watch the Flowrider show 11.10am

23. Cool down with an ice cream 11.30am

24. Look down at the sea from the top of the ship 11.45am


25. Lunch in the Windjammer 12.00pm

26. Try the famous beef roll in Central park Cafe 12.35pm

27. Tee up for a round of Mini Golf 12.50pm

28. Ride the Zipline 1.05pm

29. Check out a loft suite 1.12pm

30. Walk through the Boardwalk 1.23pm

31. Grab a doughnut from the doughnut stand 1.25pm

32. Make a wish with Zoltan 1.27pm

33. Ride the only carousel at sea 1.30pm

34. Dance with the Johnny Rockets staff 1.36pm

35. Watch an Aquashow, another Royal Caribbean first 1.40pm

36. Try a corn-dog 2.15pm

37. Have a picture by the boy and balloon statue 2.17pm

38. Keep the energy up with a bag of pick'n'mix sweets from the candy store...there's still a long way to go! 2.22pm

39. Walk along the outer decks and spot for other ships on the horizon 2.27pm

40. Play shuffleboard 2.35pm (Tip: If you not know how to play, there is always someone on hand to show you!)



41. Visit the Cupcake Cupboard 2.50pm

42. Name Oasis of the Seas 7 Godmothers at the Guest Services Desk 2.55pm

43. Go shopping! 3.05pm

44. Talk a walk out on the helipad 3.20pm

45. Wine tasting 3.36pm

46. Take out a book from the library 3.45pm

47. Go to an art auction 3.50pm

48. Lace up for some of the only ice-skating at sea 4.00pm

49. Ask for some tips from the professional ice skaters 4.15pm

50. Walk the spiral stairs 4.22pm

51. Watch a live afternoon gameshow 4.25pm

52. Afternoon tea 4.42pm (Tip: A great place to grab a tea is at the Promenade Cafe on Deck 5)

53. Shoot some hoops in the Basketball Court 4.54pm

54. Climb the Rock climbing wall 5.00pm

55. Try the harder rock climbing wall – if you are brave enough! 5.05pm

56. Watch the belly-flop competition 5.08pm

57. Go to the Spa for a much deserved mini-massage 5.15pm

58. Listen to a health seminar 5.25pm

59. Visit the Internet Café and send an email home 5.36pm


60. Dress to impress for an evening of glamour 5.40pm



61. Watch a parade down the Royal Promenade 5.55pm

62. Have a cocktail 6.00pm (Tip: The Pool Bar is a lovely, social spot for this)

63. Watch the sunset 6.07pm (Tip: Watching the sunset from the helipad is an amazing experience)

64. See a movie on the outdoor movie screen 6.09pm

65. Pre-dinner champagne 6.15pm (Tip: The Champagne Bar is on the Royal Promenade, just in front of the dining room)

66. People watch and look at everyone’s spectacular dresses 6.17pm (Tip: The Royal Promenade is the best place to do this!)

67. Watch the Captains speech 6.18pm

68. Have a picture with the captain 6.21pm

69. Have a formal picture by the ships professional photographer 6.25pm

70. Have dinner in the main dining room 6.30pm 

71. Watch a waiter perform a magic trick 6.45pm

72. Try something you have never eaten before 6.47pm 

73. Meet the head waiter 6.50pm

74. Admire the stars walking through Central park in the evening 7.30pm

75. Take 5 minutes to sit on a bench and listen to the live violinist in Central park 7.35pm

76. Go to a show 7.40pm (Tip: You must go and see the Broadway production of Hairspray)

77. Take a look at every venue in Entertainment Place 8.36pm (Tip: You can check out where you want to go on the next night of your cruise)


78. Roll the dice in the casino 8.39pm

79. Join in a game of Blackjack 8.40pm

80. Listen to live music in Dazzles 8.48pm



81. Ride the Rising Tide Bar 8.52pm

82. Make new friends 8.54pm (Tip: Meeting new people is a great part of a cruise and you can make life-long friends)

83. Join in karaoke 9.05pm

84. Feel at home with a beer in the English pub 9.10pm

85. Watch the Latin dancing in Boleros 9.15pm

86. Walk through the Schooner Bar and smile at the piano man, play it again Sam! 9.19pm

87. Dance in the nightclub 9.23pm

88. Take a peep in Adventure Ocean to see the children enjoying the sleepover parties 9.28pm

89. Go to the Viking Crown Lounge 9.30pm

90. Toast a night cap with friends 9.36pm

91. Get changed out of formal wear and head back out 9.42pm

92. Take a late night dip in the whirlpool 9.50pm

93. Try a new late night cocktail at the pool deck 10.00pm (Tip: The frozen Mojito is delicious)

94. Dance like no one is watching under the stars 10.10pm

95. Use the way-finder to navigate you way back to your stateroom 10.25pm

96. Order a late snack snack with room service 10.35pm

97. Sit on your balcony and admire the moon's reflection across the dark ocean 11.00pm

98. Make a wish on a shooting star (if you're lucky enough!) 11.30pm

99. Take a shower and change into the Royal Caribbean robe and slippers 11.35pm

100. Go to bed...phew what an incredible day! 11.58pm


So with a full belly, tender feet and a day packed with memories, there are 100 activities accomplished in just one day onboard one of the biggest ships in the world.

If you'd like to experience this fun-packed ship for yourself, browse our Allure of the Seas cruise offers.

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