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Derren Brown Cruise Gets Under Way

23 September 2009

Playing Cards

A relaxing three-day cruise onboard P&O Cruises' glorious ship, P&O Aurora, got underway today. So nothing new, right? Except this one will indeed be a cruise with a difference, a Derren Brown cruise to be specific. Not that he's happy about the name, as his Tweets suggest from earlier today: "Daunting crowds queueing for 3 day woefully named Derren Brown cruise" (See his photo below).

And queue they will, as Derren is a huge topic in the UK at the moment, thanks to his devishly intriguing new series, The Events. Where, as you'll probably know, Derren recently correctly "predicted" the National Lottery results. We use the quotation marks carefully, because he obviously didn't really predict the results, but in his after-show he kindly explained to us exactly how he did it. Although, the great thing about Derren Brown, is his explanations are misdirection in themselves, meaning by the end of it we're none the wiser but still pretty sure it's a camera trick.

So naturally, we're pretty excited about a Derren Brown cruise, sorry he doesn't like us calling it that, how about 'An Extraordinary Cruise into the Delights and Wonders of Mind Control - You Won't Come Back'? And the latter bit of that title can left deliberately without an exclamation mark, to make you feel a bit unnerved by the whole experience. Unnerved is actually the perfect word to summarise how most cruisers are feeling right now on board the P&O Aurora. If you've ever seen a Derren Brown performance, you'll be well-aware of how he dabbles on the fringes of the supernatural. Mentalism is the industry-coined name and it's simple tricks, that with the right level of execution and showmanship can appear as mind-reading techniques. It's rather brilliant and it's no doubt that this cruise is so popular.

You can follow Derren Brown's Tweets via his Twitter account, he's posting some interesting photos and comments about his experience, so it's well worth following. And if you're on this cruise, or are reading this late and have returned from the cruise, we'd love to hear how you found his act!

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