Carnival Cruise Line announced the name of their first XL class ship on their highly popular game show ‘Wheel of Fortune’. The name could come at a shock to some, due to Carnival’s first ever ship also called Mardi Gras. However, it was exactly this reason why Carnival decided the name, due to the history behind the name.

The original Mardi Gras was the Carnival first ship and sailed in 1972 the ship was seen as a historic ship due to the fun element that Carnival introduced to cruising. The original ship was 27,000 ton and a converted trans-Atlantic ocean liner. Mardi Gras will be six times bigger than its namesake at 180,000 tons with a capacity of 5,200 on its lower berth passengers and a maximum total capacity 6,500.

Excitingly Carnival is the first cruise line to introduce the world’s first ever rollercoaster onboard a cruise! The rollercoaster is called BOLT, a thrilling experience being at 800 feet, you’ll view some amazing ocean views. An electric rollercoaster which allows friends and family to race each other and control their speed. Mardi Gras creates history for cruising with the first rollercoaster, an exciting opportunity to explore something new. 



Mardi Gras is the first ship in North America to be powered by liquefied natural gas. Currently, in construction in Meyer Turku Finland, Mardi Gras will be on sale for passengers to in January 2019 and ready to sail in 2020. Keeping Carnival’s fun traditions, the ship is to introduce new technological innovations and features never before seen on a cruise ship. The new ship will be based in Port Canaveral Florida, featuring a new terminal. Carnival is a cruise line which provides for a range of people due to their countless activities for singles, couples, families, and seniors. The cruise line carried over 4.7 million in 2016, showing their popularity being the only individual cruise brand to do so. Carnival is starting construction in 2020 and welcoming a second XL class ship in 2022, the second class ship will mark the anniversary of the line’s founding.