Updated July 2019

Azamara Club Cruises make it easy to stay in touch with your friends and family at home, by providing a range of internet packages to choose from. This means that whether you just use the internet every so often to send a quick message or check Facebook, or if you need to log on for extended periods for any reason, there will be an option to suit you.


Why Do I Need an Internet Package?


  • To get information about your next port of call
  • Visiting a new destination on a cruise is always exciting, but it can be helpful to get to know it slightly before arrival, to ensure you are prepared for what’s in store. Things like currency converters, language translation, local weather, and maps can be very useful throughout your trip, especially if you are visiting a number of ports in different countries.

  • Contact with your favourite people at home
  • Obviously you can’t take everyone on holiday with you, so it’s likely that the friends and family that you’ve had to leave behind will want regular updates! By logging on to the internet you can keep in touch via messages and emails to let others know what you’re up to, what the weather’s like, and most importantly, where in the world you are on that day!



  • Stay in the know with current affairs
  • If you like to stay up to date with the news at all times, a Wi-Fi package during your cruise can help you stay in the know.. When connected to the internet you can check your favourite news site or app, and even set alerts to make sure you stay informed about the topics that matter to you.

    How can I buy an internet package?

    Guests can buy an internet package at the time of booking, or while onboard during the cruise. Speak to our sales team for more information. Because the needs of each passenger are different, Azamara offer a range of options when it comes to buying internet. It’s possible to purchase 30 minutes of use for around $19.95, or for one day the price is typically $29.95. For those who would prefer to use the internet on a daily basis, the rate will drop to roughly $19.95 per day. This latter package can be bought at anytime during your cruise, but must be purchased for the duration.

    After I have bought a package, how do I get online?

    Azamara’s ships are equipped with an ‘In Touch’ area, in which there are workstations where you can use the internet 24 hours a day. Alternatively, it’s possible to connect to the Wi-Fi onboard from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, from anywhere on the ship, why not head to the cosy Mosiac Cafe and settle in whith a coffee? Please note that if bringing a laptop onboard you will need a wireless network card to access the internet, and if using an Apple device, Safari will need to be version 3.0 or above.



    While Wi-Fi on Azamara ships is usually reliable, it is important to remember the nature of your holiday. Being on a cruise, various obstacles might interrupt your signal – whether this be weather, large buildings in a port, or glaciers. It should also be noted that as the internet is shared, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to stream any movies or series onboard.

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