Arranging your money is one of the most important tasks to do before heading off on holiday.

There is nothing worse than getting to a stage where you are stuck for cash in a foreign country. In the past holidaymakers have taken out travellers' checks alongside their loose cash, which always provided a back-up if they needed more money when on holiday. Nowadays, it is even easier than that thanks to the introduction of prepaid currency cards.

Simple to use and accepted in a similar manner as credit and debit cards across the globe, this form of carrying money is really useful. Before heading off on holiday load up the card with however much you feel you will need and you're ready to go. Have an idea of what you will be using the card for, be it for shopping or paying for meals, so you load it up appropriately. Each currency card will have different terms, so let's take a look at which cards are currently available for travelling abroad.


Caxton FX Currency

The Caxton FX Currency Card is one of the leaders on the market and includes a free card with no overseas ATM withdrawal fee. It comes with a transaction fee of 2.49 per cent and will charge £1.50 for use at a UK ATM.

You can choose and switch between 15 currencies on one card but beware of a £5 charge should the card be stolen, get lost or require a replacement.

Travelex Cash Passport Globe

Travelex's Cash Passport Globe comes with a flat 2.49 percent fee for usage and is free from a monthly tariff. However, be aware of a £9.99 upfront fee for the card. It also charges 2.49 percent when using an ATM both overseas and in the UK.

Cashplus (Mastercard)

Mastercard's Cashplus prepaid card does not carry a transaction fee but the plastic has a monthly charge of £3.95. It is free to use at UK ATMs but costs £3 per transaction when using cash machines abroad.

It has the option of a £250 overdraft and £1,000 Direct Debt cover available, subject to approval. Users can manage the account through a handy mobile app or online banking.

ICE Travellers Cashcard

Like Mastercard's Cashplus card, the ICE Travellers Cashcard is free from a transaction fee. The card itself is free and there is no monthly charge to worry about. It has the option of 1.5 percent cashback on all purchases of £50 or more and even has a free back-up card for emergency use.

However, there is a 2.85 percent fee every time you load the card and has a minimum load of £50 on ICE Sterling. While ATM use is free, there is a maximum daily withdrawal of £500.

AA Travel Prepaid Card Sterling

The AA's Travel Prepaid Card Sterling does carry a transaction fee or require monthly payment or for the card itself. It charges £1.50 for usage at UK and international ATMs but refunds £9.95 every time customers load over £100.

You can load the card for free via bank transfer and debit card and there are no fees for overseas transactions. However, there is a £4.99 charge for a lost or stolen card as well as a £1 dormancy fee per month following 12 months of Sterling card inactivity.

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