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With an enchanting atmosphere and the promise of intriguing discoveries, Asia is a place like no other. A place where buildings are as intriguing as the local traditions, the culture is richer than the tantalising cuisine, and the fast-paced lifestyle is as infectious as the local happy way of life.

Asia as a cruise destination

Until only recently cruises only really explored the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, but as the industry expands, cruises are delving further and further into new and exotic destinations.

Cruising to Asia

From the Middle East, Africa, and Australia, to the Antarctic and fjords of Norway, almost every inch of coast can be discovered by cruise. Asia can now be counted as one of the most popular cruise destinations, offering a wealth of new experiences and the possibility to make many life long memories.

Stopping at cities including Bangkok, Mumbai, Hong Kong, and Singapore, a cruise to Asia has proven to be the best way to fully experience everything that this mysterious part of the world has to offer. Asia has typically been known as a destination that many people dream of visiting, but have apprehensions when it comes to planning complications. A cruise is the answer to this; with the admin taken care of, all you have to do is relax and enjoy.

With all major lines now exploring this part of the world, there are large ships, small ships, luxury ships, family ships, and adult-only ships that can take you there.

Why Asia?

So why is Asia such a desired travel location? Is it the exotic climate? Exquisite cuisine? Unusual adventures? The spiritual connection? Everyone has their reasons, but there is no denying there is a longing to experience Asia in all of us.

Cruises to Asia

In Asia, every time you turn you are presented with a new surprise. The life lived here is a million miles away from the life we as Westerners experience at home.

Asia as a cruise destination presents one of the most inspiring journeys you will ever embark on, as you step into destinations of the unknown. Sail past awe-inspiring coast lines before reaching captivating cities, no where else in the world can match these views.

Asia Highlights 

Bangkok – Dominating the popular city of Thailand, it doesn’t take much to realise why Bangkok welcomes more visitors than any other city in the world. A place that tastes as good as it looks, you haven't experienced Thai cuisine until you have eaten on a Bangkok street with exploding flavours and aromas to entice any taste bud. Bangkok is perfect for those who like to explore, get lost in the narrow lanes of Chinatown, venture on a boat trip to the hidden morning market, or dance the night away at The Sukhumvit where you will find a nightlife as dynamic as the community.

Cruises to the Far East

Penang – A place that defines the word 'distinct', Penang welcomes you with open arms to come and explore its 28 square kilometers of breathtaking beaches and backdrops of modern, innovative architecture. With its striking skyline, remote beaches, and friendly locals, Penang will enable you to experience everything Asia is loved for.

Shanghai – Shanghai sets the bar for the rest of the world. This high-tech, fast paced city is not for the shy traveller. The infamous Bund boasts an especially impressive skyline; no building here is old, and each one has been built to impress more than the last. With the future in mind, much of Shanghai is miles ahead in innovation than anywhere else in the world. With exciting restaurants, revolutionary shopping malls, and an exhilarating nightlife, you may want to take a moment to relax - but don’t expect Shanghai to stop with you.

Hong Kong – The city of light, Hong Kong would stand out on any aerial map of the world. Taking you out of your comfort zone, locals sitting on the floor eating fresh noodles, or throwing a daytime food festival for no apparent reason, are observations of the norm. The residents of Hong Kong are said to be some of the friendliest in Asia, and love to show visitors around their extraordinary roots.

Singapore – A cocktail of cultures, Singapore holds something from every part of Asia. Home to enchanted rainforests, stylish architecture, isolated beaches, and mouth-watering restaurants, Singapore has something for everyone. This diverse wonderland takes you on a journey of discovery as every inch is entwined with a new story.

Explorations of the Unknown

Its not only the inspirational views that set Asia up for a holiday of a lifetime; the continent is home to explorations that can only be had in this part of the world. Where else could you ride an elephant through lush rainforests? Or navigate a market on water? Everything you do in Asia is a moment to be remembered.


Cruising to the Far East

Phi Phi Snorkel, Phuket – Home to one of the world’s abundant coral reefs, Phi Phi Island has an underwater life as astonishing as its outer scenery. Don your snorkel equipment and submerge yourself into an underwater paradise bursting with incredible marine life. With crystal clear water bordered with white sands, and a backdrop of soaring mountains, the view of this majestic island will forever remain in your memory.

Hirosaki Castle, Aomari – Holding incredible amounts of history, Hirosaki Castle is a triple moat-structured Japanese castle set in the centre of the picturesque city, Hirosaki. With walls covered in samurai swords, helmets, and historic armour, it is fascinating to learn about the past of this curious structure.

Who cruises here?

With Asia rapidly becoming such a popular cruise destination, many cruise lines have seized opportunities in sailing there. This is great news for us as it means all of our favourite cruise lines are now venturing East. 

Royal CaribbeanPrincess Cruises, and Azamara Club Cruises in particular offer some phenomonemal itineraries in Asia. 

For more information about cruising in this beautiful part of the world, be sure to sign up for our new Asia brochure.


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