Sailaway – one of the most captivating parts of a cruise, it allows you to gain the most breath-taking views of the destinations you visit. Sailing away from port gives you time to reflect on new memories you have just made. Take in awe-inspiring views of enchanting cities, stunning coastlines and fascinating landmarks.

I would go as far as saying sailaway is one of my favourite parts of a cruise and my phone is full of pictures I have taken of various sailaway views. For me, it truly celebrates what cruising is about.

With most sailaways taking place in the evening, it gives you chance to see the most intriguing places in the world illuminated by the sunset and bright lights.

It is so hard to round it down, but here are five that make my favourite sailaway views:

Santorini, Greece

There is no other place in the world that can offer the views that Santorini does. You will not know where to look as your are surrounded by a mix of whitewashed villages cantilevered off soaring mountains and surrounded by deep blue ocean.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Sailing out of Fort Lauderdale really gives you an insight into the glamorous lifestyle lived here. With its luxurious beach-front homes, pristine beaches and year-round sunshine, you get a real feeling of paradise as you sail away from this tropical haven.

Rio De Janiero, Brazil

One of the world’s most intriguing cities, taking in the sites of Rio as you sail away is nothing short of a spine-tingling moment. Soaring mountains shadowed by iconic landmarks dominate the large stretches of glamorous beaches. Home to one of the most exciting nightlives in the world, you will be able to watch the locals partying on the beach and hear the sounds of samba music as you wave goodbye to this charismatic city.

Singapore, Asia

I am a lover of 'big city bright lights' and I love nothing more than the sight of a city illuminated in all its glory as evening sets in. So no surprise, I love the sailaway from Singapore. As striking as it is during the day, when the sun goes down this city beams with colour and immense Asian scents.

Sydney, Australia

With ships docking close to the iconic Sydney Opera House, it creates the ultimate scene to sail away from. The most cosmopolitan city in the world, Sydney entices every visitor. Whether it be during daylight or as the sunsets, a sailaway from Sydney will showcase inspiring views on the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Tower.

By Sally Grimes