The colour of something holds immense power and defines almost everything. If you realised how much of your daily life revolves around colour, you would be surprised.

Sometimes a visual does not need a description and an image says a million words. I have a passion for cruising and it is my perfect escape, a chance for me switch off from everyday life, relax, explore and let the ocean take control of my imagination. Sometimes I do not need to be on a cruise to feel like this, my picturesque mind can take me there.

Have you ever thought about colours when you are on a cruise? Probably not. So I want to share with you my five favourite colours of cruising.

Blue – With a love for the ocean the first thing that comes to mind when I think of blue, is the sea. With an array of shades, it represents tranquillity, calmness and radiance.

Gold – Gold oozes wealth and luxury. A natural attention grabber, if something is gold it instantly makes me feel determined and endured. Just like the sun, this colour is associated with happiness and heat. The perfect colour to represent a cruise.

Pink – Pink is my favourite colour and exudes fun and excitement. Known for denoting feminine qualities and passiveness, it puts me in an instant enthusiastic mood. Pink signifies love and friendship, which is why it represents a cruise perfectly for me

Green – Representing harmony and freshness, green is the most restful colour for the human eye. A colour that represents endurance and stability, it can also be smelt. When I imagine green, I smell freshly cut grass and tropical forests. When I think of green associated with a cruise, this is what is looks like...

White – The colour of perfection, white represents innocence and purity. White makes me feel relaxed and takes me away from any stress. When I think of white on a cruise I picture the pristine exteriors of the ship that distinctively stand out in the deep blue oceans. 

By Sally Grimes