Updated October 2017


The Alaskan coastline is one of the most stunning and awe-inspiring pieces of Mother Nature's jigsaw. The rugged coastline is filled with fir trees, moving glaciers, and snow-capped mountains that extend to up to 2000 metres high. If you are looking for a holiday that offers the serenity of nature, charming gold rush towns, warm - and often a little eccentric - locals, and the comfort of a luxurious ship, then an Alaska cruise is for you.


rocky mountaineer scenery


Apart from the combination of amazing fjords such as Tracy's Arm, with glaciers like the Hubbard glacier, there is also a vast selection of wildlife to see each day. One wildlife expert onboard Sun Princess, has revealed that in 2006 the ship would see an average of 90 whales every week, from Humpback and Bowhead whales to Orcas — which although more commonly known as the killer whale, are technically members of the dolphin family. 

As well as the marine life on offer, there is often a wide variety of wildlife on show. Find brown and black bears — especially when cruising alone the Inside Passage and Tracy's Arm — eagles, and of course, the noisy, excitable, but ultimately charming huskies. As well as wildlife, the region's capital, Juneau, is filled with charming characters who will be delighted to tell you anything you might want to know about the state and its history. Ketchikan is filled with saloon-style gold rush buildings, and the fish restaurants serve delicious fresh food, including some awesome fish and chips!

While Alaska itself offers an abundance of activities and things to see, why not consider adding to one of North America's most stunning trips, with a journey through the Rocky Mountains onboard the Rocky Mountaineer train?




Whether you go for the First Passage West itinerary, or the full blown, Rockies Highlights tour, the train journey from Banff, Alberta, through to Vancouver, British Columbia, takes you through the heart of Canada's stunning landscape. From the stunning plains to the thick, forest-filled mountains, the train lets you take in more wildlife and beautiful scenery than you can imagine.

Now, getting on a train for two days may not sound like a lot of fun to some people, but fear not, we're not talking about heading along the Trans-Siberian train, with a lack of space or comfort. Depending on your tier (there are three), you can choose from an elegant, traditional style carriage, with picture windows and meals served at your seat, or luxury carriages, with their panoramic, glass-domed roofs, table service dining room — with à la carte menu — and covered vestibule. You will also spend the night in Kamloops, staying in a hotel, as opposed to a sleeper carriage.


Though the RedLeaf service is more than adequate, the GoldLeaf tier is something else. Hot meals, rotatable seats — so you can be as sociable as you wish — and complimentary drinks, mean you'll forget you are on a train, the way cruise ships bear minimal resemblance to ferries.

For those looking to splash the cash, the highlight of the Rockies tour includes nights in Lake Louise (in the iconic Fairmont Chateaux Lake Louise) and Banff. Here you will go on helicopter rides to see the nearby glaciers and mountain ranges in their full glory. This means you can start your holiday seeing the tops of glaciers, and finish it watching the Hubbard glacier make its way into the ocean.

A Rocky Mountaineer Tour & Alaska Cruise combination is the ideal way of seeing some of Mother Nature's most rugged, mountainous scenery, wonderful wildlife and amazing marine life - all from the comfort of a luxurious cruise ship and train. 


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