Now I don't want to tempt fate, but since the ash cloud seems to have diminished, we've started to see more and more people taking advantage of some stunning fly cruise deals here at Iglu towers.

Whilst there's no doubt of the convenience and benefits associated with cruising from the UK, there's definitely something to be said for flying down to the Mediterranean, (or to the heart of the Caribbean during our winter) to join your ship in the sunshine. The technology and thus stability of modern cruise ships means a voyage down the Bay of Biscay is no longer something to be wary of, though more and more people seem to be opting for cruises which start in Barcelona, Venice, Rome or Palma particularly.

Starting your cruise holiday from one of these major Mediterranean ports, also affords you the ability to extend your cruise holiday with a night or two in a hotel pre cruise. This is especially popular with cruisers wishing to make a nine or ten night holiday out of a seven night cruise. This concept is also increasingly popular with cruises to Dubai and the surrounding Emirates, where there are some amazing and contrasting sights to discover by adding a few days in the sun.

Cruises from Southampton, Dover or Newcastle (for example) continue to be a amazing way to cruise. But particularly for last minute bargains, fly cruises currently represent superb value for jet setting cruisers!

Written by Dave Mills