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MSC Preziosa Reviews

A great range of MSC Preziosa reviews written by our customers. To write your own MSC Preziosa review click the link on the right.
Average rating: 4.5 out of 64.5 out of 64.5 out of 64.5 out of 64.5 out of 64.5 out of 6 (from 18 reviews)

6 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 6     (5)

5 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 6     (6)

4 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 6     (2)

3 out of 63 out of 63 out of 63 out of 63 out of 63 out of 6     (2)

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1 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 6     (3)

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Latest MSC Preziosa Reviews

User Rating: 1 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 6
Date: 14 Sep 2017
Author: Gail Sowter
Summary:  Beautiful ship. Everything else rubbish. Itinerary was belguim, hamburg, Amsterdam, la Harvre. We docked at Belgium, hamburg, rotterdam. They do what they want when they want. Did not set sail on time once. Every one on board ship not happy. Staff not helpful at all. Avoid at all cost.
User Rating: 1 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 6
Date: 12 Sep 2016
Author: Bill
Summary:  Please don't make the same mistake as we did and book a cruise on the MSC Preziosa. We have cruised with Celebrity and Princess and don't considered ourselves to be unrealistic in our expectation but based on our recent med cruise with MSC we can say that we would never cruise with them again. The embarkation process at Rome was complex with little communication or signage. It was duplicated by doing some things multiple times and skipping important steps like hand sanitizing before boarding. Once on-board you can look forward to the the staff attitude which is one of a general distaste towards customers. If you dare to ask for a drink prepare to risk that being an inconvenience. But don't worry you have the entertainment to look forward to which is heavily catered towards an Italian audience so much of that passed us by and the quality was generally poor. The 2nd seat dining although advertised as 20:30 was in fact 21:45 so make sure to have a big lunch in the buffet which is repetitive and too small to cater for the number of guests. If that hasn't put you off and you go ahead with the booking be sure to check the cabin allocation. We weren't advised of an obstructed view but as the image shows we had one. Not only a bad view but the crew liked to jet wash the liftboats at around 05:30 so don't come on board expecting a relaxing lie in.... Cruise with MSC at your own risk...
MSC Preziosa reviews
User Rating: 6 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 6
Date: 08 Aug 2016
Author: Marilyn Hill
Summary:  Absolutely amazing first ever cruise. Beautiful ship and lovely staff. Thank you to waiter Antonio (Golden Lobster) for making our week so pleasurable.
User Rating: 5 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 6
Date: 16 Jul 2016
Author: Sharon Bailey, Iglu Cruise Sales Consultant
Summary:  Travelled as a family of 4 on Preziosa in June from Valencia. We booked the Aurea package so had a balcony on deck 14. Great location and plenty of room for a family of 4. Food fab, some good shows. Lovely ship. Definately get the Allegrissimo drinks package at just £20pp per night for adults and covers everything including pasges and pages of cocktails. We only paid port taxes for the kids and got 5% discount off the cruise from MSc for returning. great family benefits
User Rating: 5 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 6
Date: 22 Feb 2016
Author: Leonard Miron
Summary:  The arrival and the embarkation had indeed a WOW factor. When the transfer bus stopped a butler was waiting for us already, he took care of our luggage and escort us to the special Yacht Club check-in area. A welcome buffet with some nibbles and Prosecco was waiting for us, the check-in formalities were quick and after that another butler escorted us straight to the ship passing all the lines and queues. We spend around 10 minutes in the Concierge area to have our credit card registered and we were escorted to the room. Our luggage was already there. From our arrival at the airport to entering the room we needed only 1h30minutes. Impressive and well done MSC! She is a beauty in a very Italian, Cinecitta style. If you like glitzy and glam, Preziosa is your perfect match. Of course the ship is new, so everything from the upholstery to the carpets is squeaky clean. Having been on a fair few cruise ships over the past couple of years, we expected garish interiors. But MSC Preziosa’s lounges and bars are different . Sure there is the standard opulent staircase and ornate chandeliers but the lounges and all public areas are decorated tastefully, bedecked with subtle colours and modern furnishings. There are 20 bars, including the new Diamond Bar that's one of the quieter venues and two outside pool bars. Others include the Green Sax jazz bar, chic El Dorado piano bar and the large Safari Lounge that hosts smaller shows with a very annoying animation team and has a dance floor. Our favourite place was with no doubts Green Sax with nice deco and good music (especially the mix duo Romanian-Ukrainian); and of course an amazing Romanian bartender, Vlad, who’s cocktails very close to perfection in mixology. BUT … MSC having a very cosmopolitan crowd on board all the announcements are done in 6 languages. Preziosa has nine dining venues, including a buffet that's open nonstop for 20 hours a day from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. The main restaurants are the two-deck Golden Lobster on Decks 5 and 6, with seating for 1,155, and the panoramic 766-seat L'Arabesque, aft on Deck 6. Both operate two dinner seating and offer identical menus. Breakfast and lunch are served in the ship's main restaurants and self-serve buffet restaurants, the adjoining Inca and Maya on Deck 14, which offer all-day dining and the option of a more casual setting for dinner. BUT…again cutting the costs showing the results. The dining experience is far from a Mediterranean experience and you wonder where the famous fresh, spontaneous, inspirational Italian cuisine disappeared. While adequate, the food was not particularly fancy in terms of presentation. Courses seemed rushed, and the wine service was rather haphazard, with wait staff acknowledging empty glasses but not returning to replenish for some time, if at all. Similarly, in the buffet restaurant, there was a feeling the team hadn't really gelled. Some staff couldn't have been more helpful, while others barely made eye contact, let alone smiled.
User Rating: 1 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 6
Date: 09 Sep 2015
Author: John Campbell
Summary:  This was the worst cruise I have ever taken. The main criticism is the standard of the food.. always cold, same every day and poor quality ingredients used. The main attraction of a cruise is the high standard of the cuisine but this food was on par with a 2 star all inclusive package in Majorca ... where, after two days, everyone ends up eating outside the hotel. Unfortunately, there was no alternative to eat outside as it was a cruise. (on several ports of call we had our main meal before we returned to the ship as we could not face the food onboard. I was in the buffet about 20 minutes before it started serving the main meals and the food has been left out on the hotplates, which had not been turned on (maybe to save on electricity) but they were cold, therefore the food was getting cold from 20 minutes before it was served. I touched the hotplates and they were cold. The quality of the ingredients was very poor and it seemed as if everything was done on the cheap to save costs. I discussed this with fellow English passengers and all agreed that the food was below standard and everyone complained that it was cold. I ate in the main dining hall one night but did not enjoy the meal as the portions were very small - after we had eaten we went to the buffet to eat a little more as we were not served a sufficient portion. This was also echoed by fellow traveller. The level of housekeeping was particularly poor - our balcony was dirty when we arrived - it was covered in sand - I asked the steward to clean the balcony as we had a 1 year old in the room and he said the balcony does not get cleaned until the morning ie the second day of the cruise??? The next morning the baby found an opened safety pin on the floor and the room was not cleaned at all that day (however, the balcony was cleaned). There were dirty fingermarks on the doors, mirrors and mini-fridge, none of which were cleaned throughout the week. The day we arrived, there was no cot in the room for the baby (they knew a baby was coming for many months) I phoned reception who assured me one would be brought up immediately - we went for our first disappointing evening meal and upon our return, you guessed... no cot. Another call to reception and finally at 22:00 the cot arrived. These things may seem small but they simply do not happen on a proper cruise line. I have been on 12 cruises and this was easily the worst.. the ship looks beautiful but overall the company is so far behind P&O, Royal Caribbean etc, no comparison whatsoever. One further thing, the Captain joined everyone for lunch in the main buffet one afternoon and he queued up along with everyone else and he ate the same food etc. He is obviously aware how inadequate the cuisine is and I am sure he has been a guest on one of the proper cruise ships Royal Caribbean, Norwegian etc so in his position he should be reporting to his superiors how bad things are or perhaps there is not enough money to feed the guests properly and he is scared to say anything. Alternatively, he may have enjoyed it and thinks everything is fine .. yeah right, ha ha. A note about the staff - mostly Italian and they look so bored and look as if they do not want to be there. The guys who check the cards when you get back to the ship look so stern that you would think they were Ceasars personal Legionairre bodyguards - not one smile or kind word from any of them, not even to the Italian guests. Also, another simple thing, the main tannoy cannot be heard inside the rooms, you can hear it in the corridor, it is a good job they have nothing important to say..and on nearly all other ships the Captain comes on each morning for a few cheery words which is nice, not a word from our Captain. When we docked at several ports there was no announcement regarding which level you should disembark from (this changed throughout the cruise and we had to wander around to find the exit, again confirmed by other passengers) Maybe there was an announcement , but as we couldn't hear the tannoy inside the cabin, it may as well not have happened. This was a very,very poor cruise and my next port of call is the on-line review sites to warn other potential cruisers. You have so much work to do to catch up with the real companies. I will never find out if you sort your act out, as I will never be one one of the MSC ships again. I consider this entire episode as a very expensive mistake
User Rating: 5 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 6
Date: 08 Sep 2015
Author: Shazrins
Summary:  The transfers to the ship were fine. The ship is beautiful and it's important to note that the gratituites are voluntary. We went to guest services and took them off as we felt that the service we received was not very good especially as we were a party of 6. The food was fine if it could hold its heat in the length of time it took to find a seat in the buffet restaurant. The evening meal was well presented and varied. The waiter was always on hand to assist my son who has nut and fish allergies. The entertainment was lively if not geared predominantly towards the Italian passengers. I did think it unfair for MSC to charge for some shuttle services to take you into the town centres with the average charge being €12. Overall it was a great cruise for the first timers in our group but has yet to reach customer satisfaction like that of the Royal Caribbean.
User Rating: 4 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 6
Date: 19 Jun 2015
Author: Jules
Summary:  This ship is absolutely gorgeous, staff very friendly but the food in the buffet is not up to par. We are regular cruisers but did not find the quality of the food up to scratch. However, the Allegrissimo drinks package is a must. You really do not need to go up to the next level unless you want top shelf spirits or champagne.
User Rating: 4 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 6
Date: 08 Jun 2015
Author: Bryan Reid
Summary:  The service by Iglu was excellent and the cruise very enjoyable although slightly marred on the day of departure. We were told to be in the theatre for 09.10 to receive instructions for getting the coach they provided to the airport. We duly arrived at 09,07 and after waiting for our ticket colour and number to be called I went to the front to see the person calling our the information after about 20 minutes. He advised me that that he had already called out the details and that our contingent had left. We had to find our own way to the coach location (a lengthy and very busy treck) all the while being concerned that our transfer to the airport had gone, Eventually we discovered that two of the three coached had departed and fortunately ours was still there. Clearly, the man in charge was out of order in allowing our group to go early and should be made aware of the problem he created in order that this can be avoided in future.
User Rating: 3 out of 63 out of 63 out of 63 out of 63 out of 63 out of 6
Date: 25 May 2015
Author: Dale Horton
Summary:  Our first experience of a cruise. We found the ship to be beautifully furnished and decorated with lots of lovely if not a little too glitzy restaurants and bars. The cabin was spacious with plenty of storage space and a very comfy bed. However we found the Italian people to be really rude and didn't find the staff to be very friendly. We felt the ship was too big and lacked personal attention. The food in all the restaurants was only average and the buffet restaurants were like cattle markets. We found it difficult to find seats even though we ate at different times. We opted for the dining restaurants for breakfast and lunch and although the food was very similar at least you could sit comfortably. Hardly any fish on the menu which was a disappointment. Daytime poolside entertainment was very loud and even though we paid to use the adult only deck where it was much less busy the noise from the entertainment spoilt the atmosphere. Did not find drinks package to be beneficial and would have also liked to have been offered a different experience as we were allocated the 'Bella' which was very basic. We would cruise again as we enjoyed the itinerary and it was great to visit so many places but we would choose a different cruise line.

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