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Voyage to the West Indies

, 4th October 2008

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From Tilbury 4th Oct 2008 (32 Nt Cruise Only) View Itinerary

Customer Rating

4.83620689655172 out of 64.83620689655172 out of 64.83620689655172 out of 64.83620689655172 out of 64.83620689655172 out of 64.83620689655172 out of 6
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What's Included?

Marco Polo - Adult only, Intimate, 800 Guests.
  • Waldorf and Marco's restaurant
  • Ensuite cabin accommodation
  • All meals onboard in both formal and relaxed restaurants
  • Fitness centre / Gymnasium
  • Pool and Jacuzzis
  • Wellness centre
  • High quality evening entertainment
  • Port taxes and fees
  • Transfers & baggage handling

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Cruise Itinerary
Customer Reviews
Day Port Due Depart
1   17:30
At Sea - Transatlantic
Ponta Delgada, Azores
12:30 18:30
At Sea - Transatlantic
St. John's, Antigua
08:00 22:00
12 07:00 12:30
St. Barts (Gustavia)
14:30 20:00
Road Town, Tortola
07:30 20:00
Basseterre, St. Kitts
07:30 14:00
Castries, St. Lucia
07:30 20:00
Bridgetown, Barbados
06:00 22:00
Kingstown, St. Vincent
07:30 12:30
14:30 23:00
08:00 20:30
St. George's, Grenada
07:30 22:00
Scarborough, Tobago
07:30 14:00
Fort de France, Martinique
07:30 17:20
At Sea - Transatlantic
At Sea
At Sea
28 12:30 21:00
At Sea
Lisbon, Portugal
07:30 13:00
At Sea - 2 days
33 09:00  
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Latest Marco Polo Reviews

4.83620689655172 out of 64.83620689655172 out of 64.83620689655172 out of 64.83620689655172 out of 64.83620689655172 out of 64.83620689655172 out of 6
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Date: 28 March 2016
Author: Anthony Green
User Rating: 6 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 6
Summary: 18 March 2016 South American Treasures 5 January to 28 February 2016 M S Marco Polo Here are some comments and observations regarding our cruise that relate to our experiences. I have Maritime qualifications and my wife has catering qualifications and has worked in the catering and Service industry and as a matter of course, we observe people and systems. This is an independent observation; we have no connection with Cruise and Maritime, its employees or subsidiaries. When making comment on things that have not gone to plan, I have taken into account that all staff are human and susceptible to making errors.

In this, it is not the errors or omissions that occur – it is how they are resolved that is important. Having been on the Canada Cruise last September, we now have something on Marco Polo to compare with. Summary First of all we wish to thank Cruise and Maritime (C&M) for a wonderful cruise. The whole package exceeded expectations, and the itinerary was superb – a truly memorable cruise for which we would consider Cruise and Maritime as our first choice next time.

We also had the opportunity to catch up with some friends and make new ones, and we had a very happy crowd with us. We enjoyed the company of some very interesting and kind people, for which we thank them all. General observations I have to say that perhaps the highest criticism would be of some of the passengers, and it would be fair to say that contained within that number of people on board, In other words, there will be a fair selection of society. Those who engaged in rudeness and the silly disputes in the theater over seating, we could avoid or at the very least ignore.

We did not like the rudeness shown to staff including the unwarranted and very public verbal attack on one if the Chefs. For some people, this cruise was too long, and we suspect that some of the trouble could be assigned to those on a drinks package who were possibly getting their money’s worth. While we could avoid these people, the staff could not, and we noted that they dealt with situations in a timely and correct manner. Bristol Unfortunately, at the start of the cruise, due to bad weather the Marco Polo was unable to make the Bristol departure so we were bussed to Southampton.

This was not without incident as road traffic caused some delays. However our experience, and the experience of those at our table was that C&M handled this most efficiently. There were plenty of staff on hand at Bristol and despite the complications involved in transporting a large quantity of people at short notice, they did well. Reception I had occasion to make enquiries and to seek advice and assistance from most of the members of the Desk.

It would be unfair to single out any one individual for comment, but as front line staff, I can say that they all did fulfill their role. They were very kind, polite, helpful, business like and forthright. Well done. Cabin and Steward On board we found most of the staff that we knew were still in place, and they made us most welcomed.

Again, the standard of cleanliness was very high and our cabin was very promptly turned around by our very efficient Steward. Any small items requiring attention by the maintenance staff were dealt with at short notice and we were well pleased with the Service. We would hope that Yuri will continue in employment as we found him to work at a high rate, and to an exceptionally high standard. Well done.

Cleanliness During the voyage we saw that carpets in the corridors were shampooed on various occasions. In addition to this, there was a constant regime of hoovering and on one occasion, cleaning of the walls and ceilings. We also saw that the regular cleaning to the stair towers included cleaning by a toothbrush thus ensuring that every crevice was attended to. The Bistro also had the carpet treatment during the voyage.

Once again, the hand sanitization regime at the entrances to the Bistro and restaurant was welcomed, and the Matre D’s ensured that this was attended to. External cleaning was also carried out, usually early in the morning with an ongoing maintenance schedule for external woodwork. Again, well done. Entertainment We were particularly interested in the on board entertainment on Marco Polo.

For the Canada voyage we had Richard Sykes as Cruise Director who was a one man show on his own. We understand that Richard has quite a large following and with good reason, and we still maintain that his qualities as a performer are hard to beat. Following Richard would be difficult for anyone, but Ross the new Cruise Director and his Deputy rose to the challenge and we were not disappointed. He put his heart and soul into the entertainment and worked hard.

In the shows that we attended, Katy was brought forward (since her broken leg incident) and she is a little star. We also enjoyed some thoroughly good entertainment with him and the boys and girls. There was a different line up with new faces for the shows which worked very well. Katy seemed to have been given more of a role as lead singer and within the new group was another excellent female singer.

Overall, from the shows that we saw, we considered that the new line up and entertainment was better than the Canada Cruise. Rob is coming into his own and we noticed that he was at ease on this cruise and was working hard on some new material. We understand that Ross has now moved on and Katy is now Deputy Cruise Director – and well deserved. Well done.

Captain Morais deserves a special thank you. He was always pleasant and took part in the judging and activities organized by Russ. He was a damn good sport and everyone loved it. Activities and lectures There was a wide ranging Programme to cater for varying tastes and now some comment on the ones that we know about.

Creative writing, Hilary Green sadly had to go ashore due to bereavement and a facilitator Pauline carried on. It was a success, a really good crowd and everyone enjoyed it. Dr Clive Leatherdale’s series of lectures was first class. Clive is a ‘must have’ for any cruise.

His highly informative lectures on the history and geopolitics of the countries were visiting were delivered in an easy and gracious style. He enriched our travel experience and a measure of his popularity was that in just about every lecture, it was standing room only (with an argument over the seating on one occasion!) Clive was always approachable and available for discussion in his off duty times. Well done. Book this man again.

Sue Walsh’s well attended lectures on birds and sea life had improved since the Canada Cruise (and she was good on that one too!) Very informative and entertaining, with a touch of her own style that was welcoming. Indeed, Sue and the bird watching group were to be found most days on deck giving a running commentary, or advice regarding wildlife. Photography, again a lecturer on photography is another ‘must have’ as most people want to get the best out of their cameras. John Riley had an informal style and covered the subject from a lower level than most.

I welcomed his approach as I am at the lower level and enjoyed his presentations. Shore excursions We booked a few excursions this time. Having never been to South America, we were not too keen to do our own thing until we got the measure of it. All the excursions we booked were good value for money and well organized.

They were a fulfilling experience. Again, a word about Susan the Excursions Director and her new assistant. Susan in an absolute star in this job, and a trouper to boot. Having contracted the bug going around and losing her voice, she continued unabated for some time with some difficulty to provide service.

Once again, well done, just the warm and bubbly person for this job, and long may she continue to be employed on board. Her assistant is a star was well and they were always available to exchange the time of day and to answer the numerous queries. Venues We booked the cruise giving regard to the places on the itinerary, and we were certainly not disappointed. Apart from Rio Grande that was closed and really not worth the bother, all the places had something to offer.

Our favorite place was Montevideo, and we would have liked two days there. We would have foregone Ileus and Rio Grande for this. Waldorf Restaurant We heard a few complaints voiced about the catering during our voyage. We normally disregard third party comment, as taking into account the length of the voyage and the wide number of individual tastes this is not surprising.

However, there was an issue surrounding the beef being tough and some of the steaks. Firstly, when queries were raised about meals, in our experience they were changed immediately and would have been changed again if required, and the whole thing was focused around the customer. Certainly, both the Matre D’s had a grip on the running of the Waldorf and ensured that it ran well, and we noticed that the Bistro and rear deck eating area was observed by them. Regarding the beef, we were of the opinion that this was due to the quality of beef being supplied (as on the Canada voyage) and this was changed during the voyage.

In general, all the steaks (as far as we could see) were delivered well done, and in one case – tough. I did however have one that was excellent. I understand that C&M are advertising in the American market, and if this is so, I would suggest that the steak issue is resolved as they will know the standard expected by American customers. We purchased a wine package but did not rate this good value.

We will not be doing this again and certainly, if we considered one in the future, we would welcome the opportunity to taste the wine before purchasing. It seemed to us that the wine included in the package was of ‘budget’ quality. Towards the end of the cruise, various small things like coffee sachets, honey and the like ran out, this should not have happened. These minor things are very important.

On our table we had Elvis and Zee as Stewards, with Alla as wine waitress. We received a high standard of service from them all and they are to be commended. It was good to see that Boyan is now a Steward with a table in his own right, and no review would be complete without giving credit again to Wine Waitress Valentina who provided excellent service, and we would hope that she will continue to employed on board for some time in the future. The two Bar Stewards we were most impressed with are Sandra and I think Maja her name is, who mostly worked the after deck.

In general, we can say that once again, we were impressed by how hard the staff worked and we would be happy to recommend them for employment anywhere within their disciplines. It seems strange but the majority of the Stewards who attended to us were female for some reason - it just worked that way. In this I would not denigrate the male stewards who were also observed to be working well. It was interesting to learn that among the Stewards there was a Vetinary and an Architect, they are interesting people from a range of backgrounds.

Disembarkation At arrival at Bristol on the Sunday, we were faced with dubious taxi availability. Suspecting that there might be a delay, we had booked our train home for the afternoon, however we are sure a few people missed their connections that had not realised that delays would be incurred. We would have welcomed (and paid for) a shuttle bus to take us to the Station, and perhaps this something that C&M could look at for the future? Conclusion The voyage did what it said on the tin, and more. We do not go for the large sea going ‘blocks of flats’, or a cruise with a Class hierarchy.

The cruise was good value for money and we would book Marco Polo again. Once more, when the cocktail parties for previous customers was feature, it was noticeable that the theater was nearly filled. This is a true mark of customer satisfaction when so many people are loyal to the Company and repeatedly book again. Mr & Mrs A Green
Date: 22 October 2015
Author: A Green
User Rating: 6 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 6
Summary: 16 October 2015 MS Marco Polo Marco Polo 50th Anniversary Canadian voyage. This observation has been prepared on a fair and even handed basis and is as comprehensive as I think that it should be. Neither my wife or I have any connection with the Company, the vessel or its staff. Following the completion of this voyage we wish to present our views regarding the ship and the personnel that we had direct dealings with.

Both of us have had many years dealing with all levels of the general public in front line service, in which service was delivered that was not only had to be right the first time, but delivered under no little pressure. I have professional Maritime qualifications and in addition, my wife has professional qualifications in the catering industry and understands how this business is operated. We have to thank all of the staff that we have met, their industrious work ethic does them credit, as does their very pleasant and helpful service. Lectures Eric McVicar A first class lecturer on subjects topical to the voyage.

His popular and riveting lectures were well attended. They had it all – the Inuit, Sami people, maritime life and Arctic explorers. I have never seen an audience at a lecture ask to have one of the presentational films shown twice. His lectures are both instructional and humorous and Eric McVicar is a definite ‘must’ for these cruises.

As time went by, he proved to have a huge sense of fun with a wicked sense of humour and his recitals were not only appreciated but expected. We hope to see him again. Eric was always available and approachable ‘out of hours’ on the deck and we found he was able to cover a range of interesting subjects. Certainly, Eric McVicar’s attendance on board will be a factor in the planning of any future voyages with Cruise and Maritime.

Well done. Ian Butterworth Another good addition to the itinerary. Bearing in mind the number of people who had cameras and associated problems. We thought that Ian’s professional lectures were well targeted, and the attendance at his lectures proved how popular he was.

His instruction on photography enabled a lot of people to improve their skills on the voyage, and his contribution was well suited to everyone with a camera. Towards the end of the voyage he ran two challenges for extra fun and instruction. Well done. Again, Ian would always be there ‘out of hours’ to sort out the many problems people were experiencing.

Sue Walsh We only attended her bird and animal lectures and found them to be very instructive. Having only a basic knowledge of the wildlife we were about to encounter, we found her information very helpful and our voyage was enriched by her instructions and advice. One Lecturer on a Far Eastern subject who I will not name. This was an absolute disaster; whoever planned his performance clearly had not reviewed him.

He was embarrassing to watch. His subject matter was not appropriate and delivered in a most unprepared and shambolic manner akin to a badly done home slide show. It was a shame that he wasted valuable Lecture time that could have been filled by the professional Lecturers on board. Bad form.

Our Cabin Steward. The Steward was a well presented, very pleasant and helpful person. Our cabin was always cleaned and presented to a high standard and he was most helpful and prompt in dealing with our queries. Both of us are very particular about the accommodation that we stay in, and his work was consistently high.

In addition, he has a good command of English. Deputy Matre d’, Waldorf Restaurant. We primarily dealt with one of them, however all the comments below apply equally to the other. Both are very capable men who were always discreetly conducting operations and regularly checked with our table.

They managed the restaurant well and were always on hand to provide assistance. We had the occasion to observe them when he dealt with a complaint from someone in the restaurant, and can say that he handled the situation was beautifully handled. It is credit due to them both that the standard of their management contributed to the successful running of the Waldorf Restaurant and our dining experience. Waiter in charge of our table.

Again, a very pleasant, positive person who is focused on his job. He was of smart appearance and service was delivered in a highly attentive and professional manner. His command of English was good and he resolved all our queries promptly and it was a pleasure to deal with him. Assistant Waiter to our table.

Again he was a very pleasant, approachable and smart person, who also has a good command of English and delivered service in a highly attentive and professional manner. Wine Waitress. This is a very smart, competent young lady who spread sunshine to our table with her happy disposition. She acted in a very smart and professional manner and was quite correct when discharging her services.

“Loverley Jubberly,” Chef. It has to be said that was well as running the separate catering and omelette events, his character and humour is a definite asset to the Team. We enjoyed not only his cuisine but his humorous character who engaged with everyone in his own happy style. In short, he spread humour and good will which is very important to any cruise.

And now the kitchen staff in the background. In this regard we are mindful that at most times the restaurant was operating at full capacity and normally in the general run of things, there are times when things do not go as they should do. We experienced only one problem during the cruise regarding a beef dish, but we all agreed that this was probably due to a supplier and not the standard of the Chefs. It is all credit due to them that they provided consistent food of a high quality throughout our voyage, working flat out within the constraints of the vessel.

Certainly, the whole restaurant was working quite efficiently to achieve this. It is also compliment to the Chefs that they produced such a wide range of food and patisserie in such challenging circumstances. Their showcase of patisserie and chocolate in the restaurant were superb and they have every reason to be proud – well done. We noted that an anti-infection regime for the Restaurant and Buffet Bar was in place for the entire voyage.

Most, if not all passengers observed this and in order to reinforce it, waiters were stationed at the entrances to the restaurants to assist. We thought that this was very important point and a definite ‘plus’ for this company. The Buffet Bar was crowded on occasions but with outside snack facilities there was a choice to eat elsewhere, or alter the timings for eating in the Buffet. I was impressed by the young lady who dealt with the Shore Clearances who answered my queries and was very informative.

With regards to the remaining staff that we encountered. As a matter of course we engaged with them during the course of the days, (usually with a ‘good morning’ of the like) and they responded in kind within the limits of their current functions. All credit must be given to the sea boat’s crews who dealt with everybody in a very kind and helpful way while tendering ashore. We realised that it is not easy to deal with people in the upper age bracket in a boat while disembarking.

Their concern was appreciated and having some Maritime experience I know how much time and effort they put into the care of the passengers. Entertainments We enjoyed what we saw enormously. Richard Sykes is a star performer and superb entertainment backed up by Lee and the boys and girls. His wide repertoire and with his warm and embracing character, he was well received and he had time for everyone ‘out of hours.

’ His arrangement and performance of ‘Les Miserables’ was superb! and we enjoyed the shows immensely. Shore Excursions Susan Susan has a wonderful bubbly, open and engaging character who related to all levels, putting people at ease whilst working hard to organise their Tours. Again, she was always available ‘out of hours’ to provide answers to queries. Certainly both she and her assistant are the right people for the position.

A word here about venues. Although we did not partake in many Tours, however a feature of our booking Marco Polo was the interesting venues that the ship visited. It enabled us to visit places that were untouched by the ‘plastic’ tourist industry. As such, we were able to walk about and experience how ordinary local people lived and to talk to them.

Reception Desk All the staff were first class and we thank them for their help and advice that delivered promptly. Ship’s Officers It was good to see the Captain moving around the ship on a regular basis and chatting with the passengers. His daily navigational information was well received and the frequency of announcements over the ship’s public address system was not intrusive. All the Ships Officers we met were polite and helpful.

General observations We think the pricing of the bottled water in the cabins is too high. We suggest that if the charges were more reasonable, we would have used it bearing in mind there were no tea and coffee facilities in the cabin. The cost of laundry was reasonable. We had a few items laundered and they came back to a very satisfactory standard.

Our Cabin got very hot on some occasions. The air conditioning would shut down to ‘cool’, but we felt that this should be checked out. We did not mention this as it did not warrant a complaint, just an observation. We noted that throughout the voyage, the crew carried out a programme of discreet maintenance.

Paintwork and varnish were refurbished thus ensuring that the vessel was as well presented as far as was possible. Slip resistant deck paint was being refurbished, the teak was always clean and external paintwork was washed down. There were few rust marks to be seen and the credit must be given to the condition and appearance of the foredeck. I assume that the isolated repairs to the teak decking will be completed during the next scheduled maintenance.

We saw that the handrails to the stair towers were regularly cleaned with a bleach solution, and reflects the good anti-infection regime operated elsewhere. Well done. For a ship of her age, the Marco Polo is a grand old lady of good appearance and a joy to see. Marco Polo recommendation This is a small very substantially built ‘traditional’ ship unlike the impersonal blocks of flats roaming the oceans.

Some passengers who had experienced the larger ships with yards of Formica and endless stainless steel felt the Marco Polo was a bit of a come down. But many of the passengers we met re book with the Polo, and are satisfied with her. This must be a recommendation in itself. This has been described a 'budget' cruise ship.

It probably is depending on where you are coming from. We could not afford the high cost of other ships and we got good value for money with the Polo, certainly the staff did not treat us as 'budget' customers. It is clear what the Gratuities Policy is and you have the choice of paying the daily rate chargeable to your on board account and leaving it as it is, upping it - or reducing it to pay staff individually if you want to. We would not go for the First and Second Class ‘Class’ system anywhere, and the passengers aboard were friendly and good natured.

We made some good friends. It was a very pleasant experience to communicate and associate with a good bunch who returned kindness and courtesy. For sure there were the moaners, you get this everywhere, and some passengers should learn how to address staff properly. I could not do their job and they had our abiding respect for the service that they gave to us.

Well done, thank you. The standard of cleanliness was very high and we enjoyed the experience of being with the multinational crew. The ship has a very ‘homely’ and comfortable feel and for the future, the Marco Polo would be first choice in our booking. As customers we thank Cruise and Maritime for making our voyage a very pleasant and rewarding experience.

For us it did what it said on the tin.
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