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Celebrating the best travel websites and blogs

During the course of the average day, the Iglu team come across more travel blogs than we could possibly keep count of. Some are recommended to us by visitors, while others are found simply through day to day surfing. Sadly, not many make it onto our bookmark lists and RSS feeds.

To help others efficiently find quality travel-related sites, and at the same time showcase those which represent the pinnacle of their respective fields, we're proud to unveil the Iglu Travel Award winners for 2011.

It took careful consideration and no small amount of heated debate to arrive at our shortlist of award winners, but as a result we're confident that the quality of sites selected shines through. However, we're also aware that not all of our visitors are interested in the same topics – with that in mind, we have categorised our blog awards for this year in order to help you home in on exactly the types of blogs which appeal to you.

Finally, we'd like to thank everyone who has received an Iglu Travel Award for their continued hard work, dedication to great writing and contribution to the travel community. Selecting winners this year was incredibly difficult, but the kudos goes to the various bloggers and webmasters who made it onto these pages. Without them, it would have been impossible to compile and the Internet would be a far less interesting landscape.

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