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Travel Tips

Planning a holiday inevitably causes some stress, regardless of how organised you may think you are, which is why Iglu have taken away some of the stress for you. They have put together a comprehensive list of the top ten blogs on travel tips, so that you know exactly where to look straight away.

The minute that you tell anyone that you're off on holiday, you will be bombarded with anecdotes from someone else's travels and tips on where to eat, what to avoid and what you 'simply must' do. And what is your instant reaction? To ignore anything you've heard - even the useful bits which slipped through the waffle - safe in the knowledge that the times have changed since your ageing relatives did any travelling. The chances are, they probably have, which is why we have collected the most useful travel tips we could find so that you can feel prepared without having to listen to Aunty Mabel tell you about the time she got frisky with an Italian ice cream vendor.

There is a huge amount of information out there to scan through, but fortunately Iglu have spent hours finding the best and the most useful blogs so that you don't have to. It is with pride that we present the Iglu top ten travel tips blogs.

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