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Liverpool has its own microclimate and its locals act in a certain way. Here to ensure you get a decent cross-section of the town before you visit is the crack squad here at Iglu HQ. The experts know Liverpool and know Liverpool guides even better, so they've been able to pluck out only the finest pieces of writing on the subject of Liverpool.

Having part of it city centre voted as a world heritage site, Liverpool keeps drawing people in so that they can enjoy all that is has to offer. The culture of Liverpool is based round art and artistic expression. This is seen through the architectural layout of the new part of the city as well as the stores. When a shopping break is what you need then Liverpool is here to tempt you and not only will you have shopping, museums , bike trails , trams and other interesting sites to take in but there is also the chance to sample food that is local to Liverpool. It aims to highlight that a friendly atmosphere is easily created by being able to enjoy a host of interesting pubs and grub. Don't forget to do an inner city walk that leads you down to the docks.

Liverpool's history is immense, both in terms of industry and culture. Iglu has got the city sussed and it is with great confidence that we bring you the finest ten Liverpool blogs. We're proud to award the Iglu Award to the following websites for their dedication to Liverpool and all it has to offer the world.

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