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Egypt was all over the news a few months ago, but thanks to its people it is now accepting tourists again. That's why we felt we needed a section dedicated to this country, which boasts some of the most iconic relics in the world.

The desert land with an enchanting history that anyone who is seeks real treasure aims to immerse themselves in, offers than just the history. Adventure in abundance that shows you don't always have to spend years digging for gold. Seeing the river Nile for the first time is an experience that can easily leave you speechless or perhaps touring the great pyramids will trigger your curiosity. It seems no TV program can ever do this desert land any justice. The fact that you are able to try camel rides, barter for lovely exotic fabrics and even enjoy a local cuisine seems to act as an Egypt 'pull-factor'. Diving trips are also very common activities that can be engaged in when in this warm but often friendly country.

The Iglu team really like Egypt, but the reason we decided to give it its own section was down to the speed with which it has changed. That's where blogs come in. A travel guide printed a year ago will be thoroughly out of date, but blogs - with their dynamic qualities and constant updates - are, and always will be, current. These are the most accurate and informative ones we could find.

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