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We're quite scientific in our approach to the Iglu awards. Coherency, information, presentation and relevance are criteria which we demand are fulfilled by all our blogs. Fortunately we have some terrific contenders who have excelled in these criteria and more.

A cruise holiday is one of the many things that people save hard for, so shoddy service and mediocre rooms are not catered for in this equation. It is therefore essential that your whims, no matter how dramatic they may seem, are catered for with a smile. Your money needs to stretch so we have worked hard to ensure that this value is a priority. Surely wanting a few home comforts on board is not asking for much? Things like a cinema, variety in restaurants, swimming pool, off board excursions, interesting activities, and ocean wildlife information is in no way asking for more than what the cruise providers can give. Rest and relaxation are desired side effects of sufficient on board amenities.

The media is not the only resource where you can find first-hand accounts of cruise providers and whether or not they are using fishy tactics to bait people and then leaving them dangling. Reputable cruise provider blogs have caught our attention so we brought them to yours.

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