When it comes to any type of holiday aside from the obvious essentials like clothes and toiletries there can also be some not so obvious essentials, something you may not think is completely necessary, but will come in handy in the right situation – plus, it’s always good to be prepared.

A Destination Travel Guide

A travel guide is a must have for any river cruise as not only does it offer you a little background information about the areas you may visit, but also offers a map which will help you figure out where you are and what is around you, along with recommendations of good tourist attractions, nice restaurants, bars and so on.

Throughout your river cruise you’ll sail through many different countries so it’s probably best to get a general guide of Europe which will allow you to look at all of the countries you will sail though, or you could get a guide to the country you’ll be visiting the most - sometimes the cruise line you’re sailing with may even have guides to offer you.

couple with map in the city


Power Adaptors

Having at least one of these is definitely a must if you would like to charge up any electrical device that you bring with you. This is because the plugs on any river vessel usually depend on where the vessel is sailing. For example, taking a river cruise onboard MS Emily Bronte in Europe will require a European adaptor. 

Check with your travel agent when booking your river cruise to find out which adaptor you will need to bring. It’s worth noting that some cruise lines either sell or lend these out to customers if they forget to bring their own.

Backpack & re-useable water bottle

A backpack is certainly essential for the many shore excursions you’re potentially going to partake in – this allows you to take everything that you need; like your camera, a water bottle and maybe even a snack. Some river cruise lines even supply these for guests.

If you see fit, you could even take a re-usable water bottle, but depending on the cruise line you’re sailing with this isn’t particularly needed as some supply you with a bottle of water for every shore excursion you go on.

Medication/first aid kit

This isn’t something you necessarily need but can certainly come in handy as you never know what could happen when you’re on shore excursions. You may be doing a lot of walking so perhaps treat your feet with a TLC kit, or bring along any medication that you know you might need for a week away.

couple with camera in venice


Camera and/or binoculars

For some, taking a camera is a necessity as it allows you to capture the moment for one day looking back on the many memories that were made. It’s possible that your mobile phone has a good quality built-in camera; if this is the case you could research some popular photography apps before your holiday to add an extra special touch to your holiday photos.

On sunny days there is nothing better than enjoying the top deck of your ship and watching the world go by. Sailing picturesque rivers like the Blue Danube on a Riviera Travel cruise can be perfectly accompanied by a pair of binoculars to help you get the most out of your surroundings.

Batteries and chargers

When taking a camera or phone with you to take pictures you’ll need to make sure that you not only take along your batteries and chargers but also some spare batteries. You may find it difficult to get new ones whilst on holiday in a new country if your current ones become exhausted. Portable power packs are also a great way to keep charged whilst on the go.

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